Advice on how to get the non-lucrative visa in Spain

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The Non-Lucrative Visa is a very common option for citizens of non-EU countries to acquire Spanish residency.

This formula is of interest, above all, for investors, given that through it one can obtain permanent residency in Spain after 5 years. Similarly, after 10 years, the visa holder can acquire Spanish nationality.

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Naturally, the procedures and concessions involve a series of requirements which, due to their complexity, are best dealt with by lawyers in Spain.

Before applying for this type of visa, it is important to get the most appropriate advice to get the Non-Lucrative Visa in Spain to find out if this is the right solution for your case.

Among the main advantages of the Non-Lucrative Residency is obtaining a long-term residency. Long-term residency is also known as permanent residency. From a non-profit residence, the applicant will be able to obtain Spanish nationality over time.

What are the requirements to be able to apply for it?

To access the Non-Lucrative Visa it is essential to meet the following requirements:

– Not being an EU citizen.

– Not to have a criminal record in the last 5 years.

– Have sufficient financial means to be able to support yourself in Spain (including your spouse and dependent family) without the need to exercise economic activity within the country.

– Not suffer from diseases listed in the International Health Regulations.

– Have private medical insurance or options to be treated in the public health system.

Regarding the monthly amount that is considered adequate for self-support, it will be 400% of the IPREM: 25.817€, and for the support of family members it will be 100€ of the IPREM: 6.454€.

What documentation must be provided?

For proper processing, you must submit the residence visa application form and a passport valid for at least one year in order to be able to travel to Spain.

In addition, and as is logical, the applicant must provide documentation proving all the requirements set out in the previous point.

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Limitations of the Non-Lucrative Visa

This type of visa offers an interesting alternative for those who wish to settle in Spain temporarily or permanently. However, the visa itself establishes a series of sine qua non conditions in order to be granted and to guarantee its effects.

One of its main characteristics, or limitations, is that the applicant may effectively reside in Spain, but may not work. This is, in fact, the main characteristic of this residence visa, which does not allow the applicant to exercise a remunerated profession either through contracts or through self-employment.

In addition to not being able to work, the applicant will not be able to stay outside Spain for more than 180 days once the visa has been granted.


The deadline for receiving a response from the public authorities is 3 months from the day after the petition is registered with the corresponding body.

However, the administration may decide by administrative silence, which makes it even more important that the procedures are carried out by professionals who understand and are familiar with the workings of the Spanish Public Administration. Otherwise, it is possible that inconveniences or situations may arise that are difficult to manage or foresee.


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