The Best Selling Perfumes Of All Time

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We all have a favourite aroma that we think is the finest perfume ever, but is your distinctive scent one of the best selling fragrances ever? One of those smells that debuted years ago and are still a top seller today.

famous Perfumes

It certainly takes a particular juice to make this list. We’re talking about a perfume that you quickly recognise or that piques your curiosity when someone enters a room. Something like Chanel No. 5, which is unquestionably the most well-known scent on the globe, as well as There are those that we only smell during the summer, the greatest summer scents that the greatest Chanel perfume available. You may not have smelled it, but you’ve undoubtedly seen the bottle.

How about Marc Jacobs Daisy, which many of us connect to in our adolescent years? These are the fragrances that will last a lifetime. There are a few fragrances on this list that are still selling well 20 years after their initial release.

have accompanied us on vacations and helped us create memories. Scents containing overtones that seem to warm us up when it’s cold outdoors, such as those found in the greatest winter fragrances.

The All-Time Best Selling Greatest Fragrances on the Market

Black Orchid Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford 

This is Tom Ford’s first fragrance, which he released in 2006. With top notes of black truffle jasmine and a dash of citrus, it’s classed as an oriental chypre. Although it starts with floral-spicy heart notes, it progressively mellows down to amber, vanilla, and woodsy accords. But who would be interested in this? 

“We adore Tom Ford Black Orchid if you’re buying fragrance for a strong independent lady,” Rebecca Wilkin, The Perfume Shop PR & Events Manager, explains. 

It’s a bold, seductive, and sensuous scent that smells as glitzy and mysterious as the fluted black container promises. 

The top notes of this perfume include truffle, gardenia, black currant, Ylang-Ylang, jasmine, bergamot, Mandarin orange, and Amalfi lemon. It is the best selling sensual perfume on the market.

The Eau Dynamisante by Clarins 

This classic splash-on citrus spritz, first released in 1987, combines personal fragrance with aromatherapy. It’s formulated with an energising combination of 14 essential oils (including lemon, patchouli, and ginseng) to tone, firm, and moisturise the skin. 

“Eau Dynamisante employs Aromaphytocare,” explains Marie Schmid, Head of Training at Clarins UK, “which mixes aromatherapy and phytotherapy to infuse scent with the botanical benefits of plants.” “Phytotherapy isolates natural plant extracts from active molecules, which are then blended into the scent to give skincare advantages.” 

These plant extracts are usually non-fragrant. This is when aromatherapy enters the picture. Aromatherapy uses aromatic (fragrant) plant extracts (e.g. essential oils) to cure a variety of ailments. 

The top notes of this perfume include lemon, orange, coriander, caraway and petitgrain. It is also the best selling unisex perfume on the market.

The English Pear & Freesia Cologne by Jo Malone 

English Pear & Freesia took the top rank away from fan favourites Pomegranate Noir and Orange Blossom, according to Jo Malone London’s top five best-selling scents. This is a peaceful and cheerful combination of rich fruit and exquisite florals, said to be a favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge. 

“You’re quickly taken to an orchard where delicious fruit mingles with blossoming flowers when you scent English Pear & Freesia.” “The mix of essential components is surprising, and it has the freshness and elegance we’re known for,” says Celine Roux, Jo Malone London’s Global Head of Fragrance. 

White freesia and King William pear are the top notes of this perfume. It is also the best selling earthy perfume on the market.

The Eau de Parfum by Jimmy Choo 

Jimmy Choo’s olfactory debut, which debuted in 2011, was an instant success. With notes of exotic tiger orchid, patchouli, and sweet toffee, the scent is warm, woody, and confident. 

“When a new scent from a well-known luxury brand debuts, it allows customers to get a taste of the designer world at a more affordable price,” explains Sarah Binns, Kenneth Green Associates’ Head of Training. “At the premiere of Jimmy Choo, there was a lot of buzzes because the scent had several of the house codes, such as python print and Murano glass. It’s stood the test of time thanks to its distinct fruity and gourmand perfume, which has now become many people’s distinctive scent.” 

Mandarin orange, pear, and green are the top notes of this perfume. It is also the best selling perfume for winter currently on the market.

well known Perfumes

Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum

Even though Chanel No.5 has been around for a century, it is still the most well-known perfume in the world. Ylang-ylang, Rose Centrifolia, and jasmine are among the nearly 80 constituents in this powdery fragrance. With a complex and enticing combination that stays on the skin for hours, it wonderfully walks the delicate line between femininity and power.

Only 11 years before, in 1910, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel opened her namesake fashion company with the inauguration of a millinery store in Paris. In 1921, the fashion designer was preparing to unveil the house’s first fragrance. According to legend, Coco was given a range of fragrances to try by perfumer Ernest Beaux. She picked sample number 5, and so the classic scent and its seductively simple name were created.

Any beauty company that receives a celebrity endorsement will almost always see an increase in sales. When Marilyn Monroe famously stated that she wore “five drops of Chanel No.5” and nothing else to bed in 1952, Chanel No.5 was eternally immortalised. Chanel No.5 has cemented its spot as one of the most well-known smells in the world thanks to this famous phrase. 

The top notes of this perfume include May rose, jasmine florals, and citrus. It is also the best selling perfume for special occasions on the market.

The Curious Eau de Parfum by Britney Spears

Britney Spears made her fragrance debut in 2004 with “Curious,” which was the top-selling fragrance in department shops at the time. Britney’s fragrance line is one of the most successful celebrity entries into the world of scent, over two decades and 23 perfumes later. 

According to Cosmetics Business, sales of the perfume increased by 155% after the airing of “Framing Britney Spears,” a documentary on Britney’s conservatorship. 

Magnolia, pear, and lotus are the top notes of the Curious perfume. It is the best selling perfume on a low budget currently found on the market.

The Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum by Byredo 

We’ve fallen enamoured with the intriguing fresh, woody complexity of Byredo Gypsy Water, one of the more obscure smells on our list. This nomadic aroma, which is layered with juniper berries, pine needles, incense, and sandalwood, is a homage to Romani culture and smells truly amazing. 

“I adore Byredo perfumes and I’ve been wearing Gypsy Water for a long time,” Sienna Miller and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley told Marie Claire, “I love Byredo fragrances and I’ve been wearing Gypsy Water for a long time.” 

Bergamot, lemon, pepper, and juniper berries are the top notes in Gypsy Water. This is the best selling scent for the end of summer and autumn currently found on the market.


This list of the top fragrances of all time is based on a variety of characteristics. From actual sales data and statistics to well-loved classics with rave reviews, there’s something for everyone. We’ve also included some of the newest, niche perfumes that are popular among celebs and beauty journalists.

Whether you’re seeking some fragrance inspiration to find a new olfactory favourite or simply curious to see if your personal favourite has made it into the list of the top perfumes of all time, pick one of them and you’ll be sure to smell amazing. Remember, fragrances should be renewed every three to five years, so there’s no need to keep them for special events alone.


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