What To Consider When Choosing A House Plan

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Building a new house is always a massive undertaking, and you want the final result to reflect what you see in your ideal or dream property. Having a proper house plan is one of the first steps toward making that beautiful home dream a reality. You want one that enhances your lifestyle, accommodates your needs, and specifies the architectural detail of your new home. The following are a few things worth considering when choosing a house plan. 

Your lifestyle and family needs

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Ideally, you want a house that syncs perfectly with your lifestyle. Take the time to imagine yourself living in your new home. Does your new space meet your daily activities? Can you imagine bringing friends over and making them feel comfortable? Does it suit your leisure activities or hobbies at home? Of course, you want your new home to be aesthetically pleasing, but you also need it to be practical or functional. So, after imagining all your daily activities at home, think of a house plan that can easily accommodate them. 

Don’t forget about your family’s needs also. That includes your family size, number of kids, their preferred activities, and future needs.

Your furniture

Your home should have enough floor space to accommodate all your furniture while allowing easy movement. Different rooms may have various furniture needs, so don’t hesitate to do all the necessary measurements according to each room. Also, remember to leave enough space between each piece of furniture. Most experts recommend leaving 75-90 cm passageway around each furniture piece.

Your door plans and door schedule

It’s important to keep in mind that your home needs doors and windows that are scaled and placed appropriately. Ideal door placement and height may depend on ceiling height, room or floor size, and even security considerations. A detailed door schedule can help you select the right doors for designated positions and the correct hardware to be fitted to each door. Don’t forget to work with door hardware scheduling experts to help you determine hardware fit for your project requirements.

Floor size and square footage

You need to determine the ideal size of your home before the project starts. Again this will depend on various factors, including your family size and lifestyle. But you want to avoid a home too small or too big for your needs. Inadequate floor space means you’ll hardly be able to move freely in your home. Too much space means you’ll be left with unused space. While the idea of unused space may sound attractive, remember it comes with higher maintenance costs. The best thing is to find the right balance in terms of space – not too much, not too little. And speaking of maintenance costs, the next point is also worth considering.

Future costs

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Every home design or architecture comes with a cost beyond how much you’ll spend on the construction. There are maintenance and repair costs you also need to think about. Your ability to keep up with your new home’s maintenance will determine whether your home will work for or against you. Consider your budget limits against the cost of maintaining various parts of your home in the future. 



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