Everything You Need To Know About Truck Bed Covers

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Truck Bed Covers

If you drive your truck as much as the rest of us, then you probably already understand the need for acquiring a truck bed cover. Truck bed covers are fantastic accessories that suit any type of truck, regardless of how you use it.

Whether you’re off-roading, driving down the highway on a sunny day, checking out the mountains in the winter time, or just going shopping, a truck bed cover is going to be one of your best friends/accessories for your vehicle. It offers security, protection, might even improve fuel efficiency, and much more. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about truck bed covers including where to buy them, the types available, and any advantages or disadvantages to using such an accessory with your truck.

What Are Truck Bed Covers?

A truck bed cover is merely a cover that goes over the bed of your truck. Occasionally known as a tonneau cover (named after a type of barrel material and derived from a French word with similar meaning), it’s a soft or hard cover that can span the entire area of the truck’s bed. It’s used for storage, protection, improving aerodynamics, and enhancing the appearance of the vehicle. They’re made from different materials including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, canvas, and vinyl. A Tonneau cover might be hard and sturdy or soft. All of them are constructed from waterproof materials. Some fold up, some roll-up, others have trifolds, and some styles even have cranks or hinges for easy opening/closing. Depending on the truck and cover style, it might even be retractable. Ultimately, a truck cover is almost as essential as a good car insurance policy when it comes to protecting your precious vehicle. 


Installing and using a truck bed cover for your vehicle has its own unique pros and cons. Some people may prefer certain types of covers over others or may not want to cover it all. But if you’re going to use one, consider the advantages of doing so.

Here are just a few of the advantages of using a truck bed cover:

  • Improves fuel efficiency by reducing drag on the truck as you drive. 
  • They protect the truck bed from sun damage.
  • They protect the truck bed from bad weather.
  • They’re mostly made from waterproof materials, keeping the bed’s contents safe from getting wet.
  • Preventing loss and damage to cargo
  • Securing tools or other goods in the truck bed.

While there are plenty of advantages to getting a tonneau cover, there are some disadvantages you should be aware of before using one.


Nothing is perfect in this crazy, mixed-up universe of ours. The same can be said of truck covers. While there are plenty of fantastic advantages of using a truck bed cover, there are some disadvantages, too. Sometimes, tonneau cover can cost a little bit more than your willing to pay. That’s why you need to do some research to find the best deals around. Other concerns might be related to how it will mesh with other truck accessories. Occasionally, truck bed covers may get in the way of another accessory such as a toolbox, so you’ll need to ensure that your cover will fit your truck perfectly without causing conflict with other accessories. Some tonneau covers might also be a little bit more difficult to install yourself, so it may be better to find someone to install them for you. Ultimately, the disadvantages aren’t that severe and I’ll have workarounds, but it’s best to know what you’re walking into before you make a purchase.

Types of Covers

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide if a truck bed cover is right for your vehicle. If it is, you should know the types of covers that are available on the market. Hard tonneau covers offer robust protection from the elements and potential theft. They also look sleek and nice on any pick-up. Soft Tonneau covers, usually made out of canvas and waterproof, are a convenient way to acquire and use a truck cover. Getting a roll-up truck cover offers a little bit more utility in space because it will roll up into a hub on the truck. A hardcover that has a hinged top can be propped up when open. Other covers, such as a trifold cover, do exactly what it sounds like: it has three different folds that end up letting you compact it for more convenient storage when not in use. There are plenty of material options, such as fiberglass or carbon fiber that offer extreme durability and protection for any use. With so many covers from which to choose and so many applications for each one, there’s sure to be a tonneau cover that will be a perfect fit for your truck.

Where To Get One

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Buying a truck bed cover is actually quite easy! All it requires is heading to your favorite digital storefront and making a selection. Be sure to measure your truck bed first! Take your tape measure out and measure the length of your truck bed. Measure the width as well to ensure your cover will fit. For detailed instructions on how to measure a truck bed, any online tutorial or dealer can point you in the right direction. We recommend the phenomenal Americantrucks.com. Well-known among truck owners as the premier place to get truck accessories, they can help answer questions, fit you with a truck cover, and offer extensive deals for any truck enthusiast around. Head over to their truck accessories page and select from a wide array of unique truck covers that can work for you. With sturdy design, heavy duty construction, and prices that can’t be beat, American Truck is the ideal place to buy tonneau covers online.


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