Top Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

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The Power of A Good Night’s Sleep

We all know what bad quality sleep feels like – we wake up irritable, are unable to focus, and are doomed with low energy for the rest of the day. But the effects of poor sleep can be farther reaching than this and include a long list of mental and physical ailments. Stroke, depression, type 2 diabetes, and even heart disease are all more prevalent in those who suffer from consistently poor sleep.

But, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to improve your sleep habits and develop a reliable pattern to maintain proper sleep hygiene. Not only will this help you avoid further health conditions and the dreaded next day fatigue, but also improve your brain function, physical performance, and help regulate your experience of pain. Sounds like a pretty undervalued life hack, right? Let’s take a look at some top tips to start reaping the benefits.

Good Night’s Sleep

Best Kept Sleep Secrets:

Establish A Routine

We know life gets busy and it’s easy to fall into bad habits, but establishing a set routine for heading to bed can be one of the simplest hacks for improving sleep. Maintaining regular timings, a stable sleeping environment, and unwinding before bed should all be part of your plan.

Try giving yourself an hour to unwind, away from the TV, phone, or any other devices. Let your body relax from the stresses of the day with a warm bath or shower, perhaps some gentle stretching – and let your mind do the same with a good book or some quiet meditation. Giving yourself time to switch off from the day will trigger your body into a quieter, calmer state, which will help prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

As you make this routine part of your day, your body will begin to associate these steps as cues for sleep, and you’ll find sleep coming to you with increasing ease.

Good Sleep

Make Your Space Sleep-Friendly

Having a space that symbolises calm and rest to you is crucial to getting proper, consistent rest. Make the effort to keep your bedroom clean and tidy, to begin with. Environmental elements like temperature and light in the room are also worth considering in your space.

Studies find that a quiet, dark, and cool room is the best bedroom environment for most people. Take some time to test out different levels of lighting in your bedroom – blackout blinds or a sleep mask may be a  good place to start. A temperature that allows you to sleep through the night without disruption is what you’re aiming for.

Update Your Bedroom

How’s your mattress – comfortable and supportive, or lumpy with popping springs? If your bed is an uncomfortable place to be, it’s time for an upgrade if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

It’s worth looking to refresh your pillows, duvet, and bed linen, too. Fresh, clean linen, plump pillows, and a cosy duvet are a must for restorative rest – and a lovely opportunity for a little design update, too!

Prepare for Proper Rest

Consistent, quality sleep ensures a solid foundation of health, both physically and mentally. Say goodbye to poor focus and low energy, and start implementing our top tips today to ensure that quality rest is your mainstay, not your struggle. Sweet dreams!


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