Survival Skills That Every First-Time Hunters Should Know

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Hunting is a great hobby to have, perfect for those that want to experience nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It is, however, important to consider the dangers and risks, and in doing so, understanding that you need to have a good grasp of some very important survival skills. Having these skills will ensure your safety, and let you focus on your trip.

Survival Skills

First Aid

Having first aid knowledge and skills is important for any first-time hunters. You will never know when you have an emergency situation unfold and have to take care of wounds or injuries. It is important that you have the right tools and equipment for your survival, so naturally, experts at implore you to make sure that you use the right resources to find the right gear and outdoor protection for you. Nature is unpredictable so it is very important to be prepared. The important things you need to learn are your basic first aid aspects such as CPR, and dealing with different types of abrasion and small wounds. 


One important factor of being a hunter is having a good grasp of your bearings and directions. This is needed for a few very important reasons. You’ll need to know your directions if you are hunting with a party of others, having a clear understanding of where everyone is. This is very important with everyone handling rifles at long ranges, as this will protect each other from accidental injury. It is good practice to have a compass with you and know how to utilize it and navigate your way around safely. Additionally, it is good to have strong navigational skills to prevent yourself or your party members from getting lost. If you do find yourself separated from a party, having the right tools and ability to understand your surroundings is key to getting back to safety.


It is important that you have a lot of water when out in the wilderness. If you find yourself lost, it will be imperative to have the skills to gather water that is suitable for drinking. Your knowledge and skill to be able to extract water from nature are fundamental to your survivability. Water is important for your physical and cognitive abilities, and severe or long term dehydration will put you at risk and in danger of your bodily systems failing or shutting down. You can survive in the cold or with little food for days, but water is a lifeline that you need access to in order to survive.


Learning how to make and build a fire is a very important survival skill that you need to have as a hunter. Out in the wilderness and nature, fire serves many purposes. Fire is important to keep you warm and keeps your body functioning. You will also use fire to boil water or make food that you need to survive if you find yourself lost or abandoned for a long period of time. In other situations, fire can also be used as a tool to signal your stranded location for emergency response teams to find you if they are in the area.


Finding and making food is an important life skill that not only is key for your daily life but also important for every hunter to know. If you are hungry, you are not able to function or think as clearly. This means if you are a stranded hunter, you are putting yourself in more danger by not having the ability to think and move quickly. Having ample knowledge of the terrain and environment around you will allow you to find, forage, and even cook food that will help you get by. 


The wilderness can be a dangerous place. This is not just in regards to the animals that may be in forests but mainly refers to the elements that you might be exposed to while you are out on a hunting trip. The best hunting tents will most likely withstand the wilderness but not for long. This is why it is important to have the skills to build and construct a strong shelter to protect you from rain, cold, and heat. If you cannot build a shelter in a situation that you find yourself lost for a long period of time, you are at risk of weather and environmental factors that can result in emergency situations like hypothermia.

Survival Skills

Hunting through the wilderness is great to experience, being part of nature and away from the shackles of technology. Being alone in the environment is unique but you don’t want to get caught out there unprepared. Any new hunters should have knowledge and understanding of the dangers and risks. This way, you can be prepared for anything that you might stumble across.


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