Why Do Perfumes Smell Different On Everyone?

words Al Woods

Perfumes Smell

Do you remember the time you asked your friend “What is the marvellous scent you are wearing?”, and then rushed to the nearest store but the scent was…just not right? Well, did you know your skin type can change the way a perfume smells on you?

Yes! The chemistry of your body, pH balances, the oils and the bacteria on your skin play a significant role on perfume notes and the overall longevity of the perfume on your skin. Plus your lifestyle, diet and medication influence your natural aroma too.

Luckily, we bring some tips and tricks on how to choose your next favourite perfume that will not only suit your skin type but it will get you all the right compliments from people around!

What is your skin type?

The question is pretty simple, is your skin normal, dry or oily? Basically, the drier your skin is, the stronger fragrance it needs, light scents usually fade very quickly on this type of skin. On the other hand, the oilier your skin is, the more oil the perfume has to cling to and the scent will last much longer. 

Dry skin

This skin type needs a perfume with “a strong voice”. Seek fragrances with strong base notes that will linger on your skin for hours, because any delicate notes will disappear very quickly. Reach for oriental fragrances such as Chloé Chloé or Paco Rabanne Olympéa for Women. Men can enjoy the alluring scent of Gucci Intense Oud or Armani Emporio Stronger With You Intensely.

And remember, the more your skin is moisturized, the longer the fragrance will last. So if you drink enough water and moisturise your skin frequently with a scent-free lotion, your favourite perfume will last much longer.

Oily skin

Perfume ingredients are attracted to oils, so your perfume will not only project beautifully, but it will also last! Especially the top notes will last much longer on oily skin, so reach for fresh and zesty fragrances and avoid any accords that are too sweet and too strong. Keep in mind that even the most delicate notes will magnify on your skin type. Try the Calvin Klein CK One unisex fragrance that will pop beautifully on your skin and will keep you a company all day long. 

Normal skin

If you are the lucky one with skin not too dry and not too oily, there is a big chance any scent will smell very true on your skin. However, your pH balance and lifestyle can affect the aroma. Go wild and try all the floral, oriental, light or heavy scents to find the one. How about some unique fragrances such as Escentric Molecules Molecule 01?

Some more factors that influence the scent

Perfumes tend to last longer on active people. People with a sedentary lifestyle claim perfumes fade more quickly.

Eating spicy food, a lot of meat, medicine and smoking may affect the smell of your skin and there is a chance it will change the perfume scent on your skin.

The weather has a great effect on the perfume. Try to switch perfumes at least twice a year – floral and zesty for spring/summer season and spicy and woody for autumn/winter season.


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