Southern Germany Vacation – an unforgettable road trip

There are times when you feel pulled by a deep desire to seek, explore, and maybe even go and get a little bit lost. This desire is aptly defined by the German term ‘Wanderlust’, and it can only really be satisfied by undertaking an epic unforgettable road trip.

As fate would have it, some of the most unforgettable road trip destinations can be found throughout southern Germany’s Alpine region.



Most think of, say, Switzerland when you hear about the Alps, however, the Alps actually cross over into Germany, France, and Italy as well – like Mont Blanc for example. Only on the German side of the iconic Alps, things are considerably cheaper, not to mention there are more beer gardens. Of course, another added benefit of taking a road trip through Germany is being able to not only choose how far you go, but how fast you drive! If you’re going to do an unforgettable road trip anywhere, make it one with castles, crystal clear lakes, and a motorway with no speed limit.

A word to the wise though, a bit of preparation before the trip is always a good idea. Along with simple things such as looking at the weather forecasts, it’s vital that you know your car is in top condition, so you may want to check your breaks, wheels, engine, etc., before embarking on this journey. If you know you’ve got several weeks before the journey, you could always order spare parts online. If you’re searching for wheel bearings, for example, use this page to input your registration, or enter the make and model manually, and you’ll see which products are compatible with your vehicle. You could also take your preparations a little further and use an app like Roadtrippers, which gives you access to hundreds of maps and trip-planning functions right at your fingertips.

Since the majority of these routes are all within the same region – Bavaria and other parts southern Germany – each stretch includes an overlap of what the others promise. However, the most noteworthy are:

Romantic Road

The Romantic Road is every bit what it sounds like: it’s for those looking for a romantic escape through a winding dreamy landscape. This particular route leads you through rolling hills and beautiful countryside that is peppered with gorgeous medieval castles. It is a breath taking, picturesque drive that is about 260 miles (420 km) in length, also including vineyards and wineries.

Castle Road

This route brings you through the region in a way to see as many castles as possible – and there are a lot of them. Although there are plenty more, this 600 mile (1,000 km) route – originally between Mannheim and Bayreuth, but now extended to Prague in the Czech Republic – offers sightings of over 70 castles and palaces.

Fairy Tale Road

A trip through a fairy tale landscape, quite literally. This 375 mile route is home to the picturesque landscapes that inspired the Brothers Grimm and became the settings for most of their fairy tales. Along this route you will come across the tower of Rapunzel, dense woods like that of Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White, and the castle in which Sleeping Beauty slept until broken from the spell. Coincidentally, as this is now a hotel, you can also sleep here (without the poison of course).

Apart from these main attractions, you will also see well-preserved medieval villages, other various castles, and even go through the birthplace and home town of the Brothers Grimm themselves. A drive down the Fairy Tale Road could well make all of your unforgettable road trip dreams and wishes come true.


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