7 essential Twitter accounts for beauty exclusives

7 essential Twitter accounts for beauty exclusives – words Alexa Wang 

When news breaks, Twitter is there. The social media platform has been credited with changing the media landscape more than its contemporaries like Facebook and Instagram ever could.

Commentators on Twitter have broken stories on everything from celebrity deaths to terrorist attacks and everything in between, including the beauty world. Follow these beauty experts for exclusive news in this dynamic sector.

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Total Beauty (@TotalBeauty)

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Total Beauty changed the game in 2007, delivering honest, unbiased beauty advice that ordinary readers could trust. The publication exists for its readers rather than the big beauty brands. If products aren’t up to standard, Total Beauty isn’t afraid to call them out. Its Twitter page links out to its exclusive articles offering expert product insights and beauty tips to help you look your best. Following Total Beauty’s Twitter account also makes it easy to vote for your favorite beauty products in the publication’s annual awards.

Amway US (@AmwayUS)

With its Artistry range offering skincare and cosmetics solutions for women of all skin types for more than 50 years, Amway is one of America’s most trusted beauty brands. The Amway US Twitter account provides information about its new makeup products before they’re even released. Whenever you see the “#ComingSoon” hashtag, you know you’re getting a sneak peek of new goodies before anyone else. Amway doesn’t discriminate based on gender either, showcasing some great male skincare products on its Twitter account, too.


Soho’s WAH Nails is one of the hottest nail salons in the United Kingdom, according to style bibles like Vogue UK. But you needn’t jet across the Atlantic to feel inspired by its creative works. The WAH Nails Twitter account showcases some of its exclusive nail art to followers. The photos will give you ideas about cool color combinations and graphic motifs that you can try at home or take to your local salon. It also mentions great products that can take your own nails to the next level.

Nina Westbury(@NinaWmakeup)

British makeup artist Nina Westbury has worked with some of the most iconic celebrities on the planet, including Serena Williams, Dr. Who’s David Tennant, Queen Rania of Jordan, late soul singer Amy Winehouse, and former U.K. prime minister David Cameron. Once a makeup instructor at London’s Kingston College, her Twitter account brings her beauty lessons to a wider audience. Nina’s page hosts exclusive live video chats and prerecorded videos answering her follower’s burning beauty questions. Her clips will teach you where to place your blush, the best lipsticks for your skin tone, and more.

Gwyneth Paltrow (@GwynethPaltrow)

Through her lifestyle empire Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow has challenged our concepts of beauty. Her Twitter account has plenty of exclusive content, including photos of her most beautiful looks and responses to questions from Twitter fans. You’ll also find links to some of her most interesting Goop articles, which offer advice about what to eat and drink for beautiful skin, interviews with beauty experts, and thought-provoking commentary that will make you rethink what you thought you knew about beauty.

Heidi Klum (@heidiklum)

Heidi Klum is one of the world’s most enduring supermodels and TV personalities, a natural beauty that her 5.25 million Twitter followers can’t get enough of. They especially love her exclusive Twitter videos which reveal how makeup artists and hairstylists create her signature looks, from polished and red carpet ready to the ultra-spooky for Halloween! It’s refreshing to see a celeb like Heidi who isn’t afraid to reveal how she looks before the make-up!

Accidental Icon (@lyn_icon)

At 64, New York academic Lyn Slater is truly an accidental icon. She’s more at home lecturing about social service, but her effortless style is inspiring her peers and much younger women. Her Twitter account offers exclusive pictures and links to her blog posts offering advice about health and wellness to make you look and feel more beautiful at any age.

Twitter puts the latest breaking beauty news in the palm of your hand. Whether you want to learn about the latest products or hottest trends, make sure you’re following these great Twitter accounts.


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