7 amazing locations to eat and drink at in Sonoma County

 7 amazing locations to eat and drink at in Sonoma County – words Al Woods

A central location in California’s wine country, Sonoma County can be the perfect destination for food and wine enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect weekend trip or want to spend an extended amount of time enjoying the beautiful California scenery, you should find that Sonoma County can be a great place to stay. Here are seven restaurants and wineries you shouldn’t miss out on.


  1. Josh Ash & Co.

A great all-around restaurant for when you want something that is fancy but comfortable, Josh Ash & Co. should be everything you’re looking for. Featuring complex meals that are made with high-quality ingredients, it can be a delightful choice for your dinner meal. There’s not much more you can ask for from a restaurant than great food and a great atmosphere, and Josh Ash & Co. can give you both. 

  1. Single Thread Farms

An amazing culinary experience, Single Thread Farms gives you the opportunity to sample a wide array of delicious flavors. With an option to have an eleven-course tasting experience for dinner, you should be excited and delighted by what you are served there. It can be a very good option for anyone with dietary concerns as well, as the restaurant should be enthusiastic about serving food to meet your needs. In addition to a restaurant, Single Thread Farms also includes a lovely inn which could be a great option for you to spend your stay at in Sonoma.

  1. Chateau St. Jean

With a cozy, intimate atmosphere Chateau St. Jean can be welcoming as well as luxurious. You can’t go wrong when ordering wonderful cheese and wine pairings in this beautiful location. With more of a home-like feeling, this winery will make you feel as though you’ve been invited to an illustrious, European-style mansion. Reserving a tasting can be a good idea, as you may not get exactly what you want otherwise. 

  1. Jordan Vineyard & Winery

Jordan Vineyard & Winery. Whether you’re planning your trip specifically to experience Sonoma wineries with food or you’re just passing through, you should be sure not to miss this hidden gem. In addition to a delightful wine selection, Jordan also serves food pairings specifically made to pair well with what you’re drinking. Choosing Jordan Vineyard & Winery as your dinner location during one of its chef’s culinary events or visiting during the day for the opportunity to do a wine tasting with food can both result in wonderful experiences that should be some of the highlights of your trip. 

  1. Central Market

Sonoma is famous for its farm-to-table restaurants. When visiting an area that’s known for its agriculture, it would be a shame not to experience a restaurant that stays true to local flavors. Central Market can offer you a chance to taste the freshest of the fresh. Whether it’s vegetables harvested nearby or bread baked just a few hours ago, you can be sure that everything was cooked up right that day. Central Market is also abundant with fantastic wine selections, so you can be sure not to miss out on an opportunity to sample not only some of California’s best flavors but also wines from near and far alike. 

  1. Bird & The Bottle

Interested in eating where the locals eat? The Bird & The Bottle can be a crowd-pleasing option that has a wide range of food and drink for you to enjoy. As the most travel-savvy tourists are well aware of, locals usually know best when it comes to where to eat, and you should find many of them at this popular location. With a tavern-like feel, it will give you a much different experience from many of the restaurants in the area and can be a fun option for dinner. The restaurant serves a wide array of dishes with origins from around the world. You’ll be sure to find something you’re interested in, and naturally, the drinks are fantastic as well. 

  1. Spirit Works Distillery

If you want to try something a little different, and you are 21 or over, visit Spirit Works Distillery for a tour and tasting. The tour is a fun and educational opportunity to see exactly what goes into the distillation process, including milling, mashing, fermenting, barreling, and bottling. Following the guided tour you will have the opportunity to sample some of the products that have made Spirit Works so popular: gins, whiskey, and vodka. Spirit Works’ barrel-aged gin is something of a wonder. You definitely don’t want to miss it.

Visit Sonoma County 

If you are a lover of food and wine, then it would be a shame for you to miss out on one of the best wine experiences the country has to offer. Sonoma can have something to please just about anyone. This can make it not only the perfect location for a relaxing trip but also a great opportunity to tune in to your inner foodie. You should find that there are more than enough restaurants and wineries to delight you and probably have you eager to come back for more on a later date.



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