Why it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions

Why it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions – words Alexa Wang

One of the most common reasons people fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions is because their approach is all wrong.

To ensure you make some great resolutions and stick to them this year, it may be time to start planning them now!

Its never too early to start thinking about everything you want to achieve in 2019, so here are some fool-proof tips to help you put your best foot forward as of January 1st. Whether it’s losing weight, saving money or reaching that career goal, prepping over the next few weeks could determine whether you make it there.


Be more specific  

The beauty of planning your resolutions ahead of time is that you can make your goals even more accurate. Instead of thinking about simply shedding the pounds in the new year, give yourself a figure to steer towards. Working out how much weight you can lose per week to hit your goal is easy, and the whole process is even easier if you start thinking about it right now. By quantifying goals it makes them seem more achievable. Why not write yourself a food diary to track your eating habits and look out for areas where you could make some cuts? Another great way to put your best foot forward is to work towards a tangible goal. Try treating yourself to a new pair of jeans and celebrate by wearing them once you a hit a milestone. Take a look at the Saint Laurent sale for vibrant pieces you can get excited about.

Get ahead of the game

So, you’ve decided on your resolutions and you’re happy with them, but is there anything else you can do that will make achieving them easier? If you start early enough then of course there is. Depending on the kind of resolutions you want to make, you can maximise your free time towards the end of 2018 by reading up on your subject. Do you want to get into yoga? Are you looking to cook more? Researching your resolutions and getting your hands on any resources you may need will get you off to a great start. So pick up that yoga mat, hit the internet and find a local class near you. On the other hand, if you’re looking to stash away some extra money, why not find out about popular savings accounts or ways to invest? The best thing about researching your goals is that it will only increase your desire to get where you want to be. Plan ahead and January 1st won’t come soon enough.

Predict your own success

Finally, nothing will get you on track before you’ve even started your resolutions like setting up some major milestones to reward yourself. Making the most of the little moments will help you enjoy your resolution journey as much as the outcome. If you’re trying to save money and you’ve cut back on dining out, why not plan a treat night out once you’ve saved a sizeable chunk? If you’re trying to lose weight, why not book yourself a mini beach break to look forward to? Booking your holiday well in advance will only encourage you to reach your goal. Picking small deadlines and planning ways to celebrate now will make starting your resolution as lot less daunting and give you something to smile about in the process, even on those tougher days.



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