Common noises that irritate people

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Even though the threshold for nuisances is different for every person, some noises can drive people crazy if they hear them for too long. It all boils down to their patience, if they have a headache or not, how they’re feeling that particular day, or whether that can physically and mentally bear to hear that noise.

noises that irritate

So, we’ve come up with a list of some of the most common noises that often irritate people, sometimes to the point of insanity!

Pen Clicking

You ever had one of those bad days where you’re trying to focus at school, work, or at home and someone just keeps clicking their pen over and over again? It might be something silly and mundane, but it can be extremely irritating for a lot of people. The clicking noise can make people very mad and throw them off their game. That is why you need to be careful next time you’re fidgeting with your pen while sitting next to people.

Hand Dryers

Not a lot of people pay attention to these devices because you only see them in bathrooms and public restrooms; but did you ever stop and wonder if you’re not alone in the bathroom and that the noise might be bothering someone? Most hand dryers are so loud and annoying, but they don’t have to be noisy if establishments got the newly developed dryers that produce 80 DB or less. This can make your visit to the bathroom a lot more relaxing. Some people can’t relieve themselves if there are loud noises around them; hand dryers can be a reason behind that.


One of the worst things that could ruin your morning is waking up to the noise of some workers hammering and knocking all day at your neighbor’s house. Not only will it give you a headache, but it can also make you so irritable all day. While it’s common to have workers doing their job anywhere in the neighborhood, it’s always a bad thing for the people who are just trying to relax at home. Some people might put up with it and just focus on something else, but others might be going crazy from listening to it.


Another common noise that you might hear quite often is the sound of an electrical drill. The problem with it is that it resonates throughout the entire home because of the vibration it causes. So, no matter how hard you try, you’re going to hear it and, if it’s a noise you hate, it will sour your day. Same as the rest, some people have different thresholds for tolerance, so something like this might make them angry, anxious, and annoyed.

Mosquitoes and Flies

This is probably one of the worst things about summertime; you’ll be plagued by these annoying insects most of the time. The buzzing sound close to the ear is so bad that it makes a lot of people cringe. The idea of an insect flying around and hearing those wings so close can drive anyone insane. We can’t blame them for not liking it because hardly anyone does, especially if you’re trying to get some sleep and there’s one or two of these irritating pests around your head.

noises irritate people

Loud Chewing

It’s quite common to have a friend or family member that chews so loudly that it’s annoying. It might put you off your appetite or make you feel disgusted. The sounds are very irritating and for good reason too; it’s not nice to hear that, especially in public spaces. It’s even worse if the person is eating something crunchy because the noises just get amplified. So, try to think about the others around you if you tend to chew this way.


We all experienced that feeling of failing to sleep because someone is snoring next to us; it’s very annoying even though it’s not their fault because they can’t control it. A lot of people have siblings, parents, friends, and spouses that might snore; it can ruin everyone’s night and it gets worse because it leads to sleep deprivation. Luckily, there are ways to avoid it like earplugs when you sleep.

The most annoying sounds in the world vary; some might not affect people while others might lose their minds from hearing it. The point is that there are different reasons behind it, especially if the agitation level is just too high. That is why we need to be careful with people who find these noises irritating. Emotional distress and anger are quite common reactions because of their selective sensitivity to certain sounds. Yet, it’s nothing to worry about too much, if just stay clear from the bad noises that bother you.


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