Natural ways to control pests in your home

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control pests naturally

Are you having a pest problem in your home? Pests are defined as any unwelcome insect or creature that is in your house. Not only can pests be scary and annoying, they can also be extremely unhygienic and cause damage to your house. Look at termites for example, a termite infestation can cause damage to the wood beams in your house leading to costly repairs.

How do you get rid of pests? There are a variety of different strategies and ideas you can employ to help eradicate pests from your house once and for all. You could hire an exterminator, but they tend to be rather costly, and would require you to leave your house for a certain period of time.

You could also use chemical sprays, however, chemical sprays can produce toxins within the air causing harm to yourself as well. One of the best ways to control pests is to use natural means. These natural means not only help to curb infestations, but they also help to stop an infestation from happening in the first place. These natural means are also completely safe for the environment and you.

Here are some great natural ways to control the pests in your home.

Garlic spray

Almost everyone has some garlic lying around their house. To make this concoction, grab some garlic and mash it up in a food processor, then add some dishwashing liquid. From there, bring the whole thing to a boil and finally let it sit overnight. After it has cooled, you can bottle it up and spray it on surfaces as a preventative measure for bugs and pests. Are you dealing with cockroaches? According to the experts at, this garlic spray is a great repellent for cockroaches as they hate the smell of garlic. If you have a garden, you can also spray this on your plants to keep pests away as well. It is great for a multitude of different pests and while the smell might be a little too strong for you, would you rather have cockroaches instead? Take some time to make a bottle of this stuff and spray it around the windows of your house. You’ll be amazed at the results of this natural repellant.

Coffee grounds

Are you a coffee drinker? If you are, there is a strong chance you have coffee grounds in your kitchen. You don’t want to waste your precious coffee grounds? The best part about using this, is that you can use recycled coffee grounds after you have already made coffee with them. This is another fantastic natural way of keeping pests out of your house. In the morning you can fire up your coffee maker and not only get yourself a great cup of coffee, but a natural pest repellent as well. How amazing is that! What creatures do coffee grounds work against?

If you find ants are sneaking into your house in the summer trying to make off with some of your food, put coffee grounds where you think they are coming in. Coffee grounds are fatal to ants so they will avoid it all costs. If you are unsure where the ants are coming in from, put coffee grounds at various entrance points in the house to see if that makes a difference. If the ants are still getting in, look to relocate the coffee grounds and rinse and repeat the idea.

Baking soda and sugar

control pests in your home

This is a classic repellent that can be used for roaches, ants, and many other pests around the house. Sugar is one of the things pests crave the most in your house and will go to extreme lengths to bring some back to the nest. On the other hand, baking soda can be fatal to many insects and bugs if they are ingested. Using this knowledge to your advantage, mix sugar and baking soda powder equal parts together and sprinkle it in areas around the house where you are having an infestation problem.

These bugs will come over, and unknowingly eat some of the baking soda as they are eating the sugar. Once ingested, the baking soda will create a gas inside of them which kills them. This is another simple, fast, and easy natural solution to curb pest problems in your house.

The advantages of using natural deterrents to control pests are obvious. It costs much less than hiring an exterminator and is a lot safer and healthier than filling the air with toxic sprays. Look around your house to see if you have the following items and place them around as you see fit. Even if you don’t have an infestation, prevention is the best step.


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