Vintage appliances you may want to consider having in your home

words Alexa Wang

We all know that vintage designs are timeless, and they add an aura of elegance and warmth to any home. Adding a little touch of vintage to your home can transform it to someplace out of this era.

Although it may be hard to find appliances that suit this style, there are still many ways you can go back to the colorful and creative designs of the mid-century. If you are a retro lover, then you are in luck because there are endless choices of vintage appliances you can now have in your home.

Here are a few retro appliances that won’t make you sacrifice functionality.

A Colorful Refrigerator

To introduce a nostalgic vibe to your home, include a refrigerator that adds a unique pop of color to your kitchen. Back in the day, colors ruled home-appliance designs. You can easily find modern manufacturers who imitate vintage looks by creating functional, modern fridges with a vintage exterior. If you want to achieve this look, go for pastel refrigerators. Pink, blue, and yellow happen to be the most stylish colors that pop out anywhere.

A Wood-Burning Stove

This appliance is bound to bring convenience to any home since it saves a lot of energy while providing a cozy touch. These multipurpose stoves provide warmth to any living space, and you can cook small meals on them as well. Before buying this small device, consider reading online reviews to figure out the best options out there for you. The experts at mention in an insightful review the pros and cons of different types of small wood burning stoves. Thus, you will be able to choose the model that best suits your needs. Some models are matte black, which would perfectly suit contemporary homes while others can be colorful for a more traditional design. Several wood stove models are also aesthetically pleasing, as you get to see the fire burning through their glass doors.

Vintage appliances

A Vintage Blender

Since retro devices are all about colors, try opting for a vintage blender that is pastel-colored, and put your modern one aside for a while. An all-blue blender would fit right in a gray or white modern kitchen. If your kitchen includes darker tones of brown or wood, then a pastel yellow would look great while a light pink one would perfectly suit black interiors. Create that dreamy look in your kitchen with a small item that will give your home a fresh new look.

A Retro Toaster

Another way to personalize your kitchen for a vintage finish would be buying a cute retro toaster. These nostalgic old-time machines come in different sizes and colors, and thankfully modern manufacturers have re-introduced them to the market. You can enjoy your yummy bagels, muffins, or bread in a sleek red toaster or a simple black and white device. This machine is sturdy, fast, and an easy option for your vintage décor.

A Modern Microwave with a Vintage Exterior

Since microwaves are essential in today’s modern world, you can now opt for a modern microwave that comes with a vintage exterior to achieve the retro look. Stainless microwaves now come in different colors that look like a blast from the past. The safest colors to go for would pink or blue because they suit modern kitchens. If you want a bolder choice, try a red microwave; this stylish color perfectly suits black countertops.

A Retro Kettle

Another great benefit of stainless steel is the invention of retro kettles. You do not need to let go of your functional kettle; just consider colorful stainless-steel options that radiate with the 1950s pastel colors. The options can be a bit overwhelming, which is why a mint green kettle would be your safest go-to model. After all, mint green suits almost everything.

Vintage kettle

A 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, then do it in style. Throw it back to the 1900s by including a 3-in-1 breakfast station that adds functionality and style to your home. This eye-pleasing gadget will allow you to make your own coffee, fry up your bacon and eggs, and toast your bread. All of this can happen at the same time with a cool breakfast station that will attract your guests’ attention. Not only does it bring comfort and convenience to your kitchen, but it is also quite affordable and budget-friendly.

Whether you are renovating or simply aiming for a retro touch, these appliances will perfectly fit right in your home. There is definitely an appeal to owning unique machines that put other standard designs to shame. Vintage devices do not only bring style to traditionally designed homes, but they also complement modern ones. So, showcase these timeless machines!


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