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If you love water and getting your adrenaline levels spiked up, then water sports are the perfect answer for you. For many, water activities are a mix between being in the water and enjoying some exercise, or a little adventure. Other than having fun, enjoying the adrenaline rush, and getting a tan, water sports offer different health benefits.

They are practically fun workouts that will help you shape your summer body, and achieve a healthier lifestyle. They decrease the risk of chronic diseases by improving your metabolism, balancing your appetite, and strengthening your immune system. Water sports can also improve bone density, soothe joint pains, and enhance your mental health.

Here are some water activities that you can enjoy.

Horse Surfing

This water activity is perfect for those who love being in the water, and enjoy horse riding. Horse boarding is an extreme water sport that requires two people, a horse, a surfboard and wakeboard. One person will ride a horse through the shallow portions of water, while pulling the other party behind them. This might sound simple and easy, but it’s really tough to master. Some surfers get creative and do some risky tricks.

Kayak Surfing

There are a lot of different water sports that you can go for, which differ in their levels of excitement and danger they offer, as well as the fitness level they require. If you are interested in trying a new sport, water sports enthusiasts from WhiteWaterCoach.com recommend trying out kayak surfing specifically, which is one of the most joyful and beneficial sports in the paddling world, and it works for whitewater pros and beginners. Kayak surfers can go for sit-on-top kayaks, which are commonly used in warm water only, or can opt for sit-in kayaks.


different water sports activities

Windsurfing is the best sport to enjoy if you love riding big waves, sailing freestyle, or course racing. It’s a water sport for the whole family to enjoy. You will find a laid-back culture of surfing, with some simple rules to follow. The activity is considered to be a surface water sport; and unlike regular surfing, the board is powered by wind energy and the force of waves. This means that you can have fun practicing this sport anywhere: from lakes and rivers, to the open ocean.

Water Skiing

All you need for this sport is two skis, and to get ready for the adrenaline rush that you can get with minimal skills. You will be skimming over the water’s surface while being towed at high speeds. This will give your full body the workout session it deserves! You can be a beginner or a skilled pro who competes at extremely high speeds, and still enjoy this simple, yet fun, sport. The big perk here is that there isn’t a specified age for you to start water skiing; each family member can enjoy this water sport together.

Scuba Diving

experience water sports activities

This water sport is especially for people who enjoy nature. Through scuba diving, you’ll get to enjoy swimming with fish and other beautiful bizarre sea creatures. Exercising underwater is an excellent choice for your overall health and physical fitness. Scuba diving, specifically, requires deep breaths, which have a huge influence on your mental health. There are different scuba diving courses for beginners and different levels. You can also find specified programs for disabled people. 

Paddle Boarding

This water sport, which has originated from Hawaii, has become the fastest growing water sport in Britain. It requires high levels of strength, balance, and skills to master an over-sized board and paddles. You can race on lakes, rivers, and the coastlines of the ocean. Paddle boarding mixes between two different sports: kayaking and surfing, which require working out almost every muscle you have. Even though racing might require different skills, enjoying this water sport freely is available for all ages. You can also try a different version, and go for a paddle boarding polo.

There are many options available when it comes to working out, enjoying the water, and having some adrenaline-packed fun. Some water sports require minimal equipment and skill levels, such as windsurfing and water skiing; and some might require a great fitness level, balance, and a high level of control over your bodies, such as horse surfing or scuba diving. The biggest perk of water sports is that they’re available for all ages. You can get a proper workout session that will benefit your whole body, which will reduce the risk of many dangerous chronic diseases while you have your fun.


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