5 tips for runners who wish to take it more seriously in 2019

5 tips for runners who wish to take it more seriously in 2019

If you’ve found that you started and stopped running last year and didn’t settle into a steady routine, then it’s time to make this year more successful. Becoming a great runner takes time and following some sensible steps can get you there.

After all, if what you tried last year didn’t cut it, then you need to be willing to approach it a little differently to get better results. Here are five tips for runners who wish to be more serious with their fitness this year.


1.      Stay Warmer While Running

Depending on the climate that you’re regularly dealing with and the time of day that you like to go out running, it’s often hard to stay warm. If you find that you get the chills through your body even though you’re moving at a reasonable pace, then get something to cover you besides a tight running top. You should consider jackets that offer both warmth and function from engelbert strauss.

The isocell internal structure of the engelbert strauss jackets creates a warmth for insulation while also wicking away moisture. They also use a fabric that’s flexible for ease of movement and it dries quickly too. The end result is both attractive and functional for runners without sacrificing comfort at the same time.

2.      Wearing Appropriate Footwear

There are different shoes for various occasions. When you think about it, a pair of shoes for running is great just for that purpose but they need airing out afterwards.

When you’re wanting to still get out and about with some additional walking to keep flexible or just to run errands, wearing some safety footwear is a good idea. You never know what’s going to happen out there. Even in the office, some reliable work footwear with a protective toe cap comes in handy should a box fall on your toe or someone steps on your foot by accident!

It’s always good to come prepared. Besides which, a broken toe would side-line any running for months and is extremely painful. Don’t take the risk. Ensure that you meet your running goals this year by protecting your feet at all times.

3.      Set Realistic Goals

Goals are tricky things. Some people recommend setting SMART goals. The main thing with them is that they’re achievable. The issue with that is your mindset. When you don’t have your mindset right, then the goals you set for yourself when aiming at ‘achievable’ will fall way short of what you’re really capable of. That’s a wasted year in our book because when you set running times and fitness goals suitable for both your current and accelerated capabilities months into the future, you stretch yourself beyond your current limiting view.

Perform one or two runs to see what you’re currently capable of. Use this as a benchmark and build up from there. Don’t compare yourself to other runners. Don’t worry if other runners will be speeding past you either. They’re on their path to success and you’re on yours. It’s different because you’re an individual at a different age, experience level and running ability. And that’s just fine. It’s not a competition.

4.      Do You Want a Running Buddy?

Do you want to have a running buddy who goes out when you do and follows your footsteps to success? There are pros and cons to this idea and it’s not for everyone.

On the pro side, if you find that you don’t follow through on a planned run, then having someone who’s determined and never misses a run means you won’t fail to participate. With more regular running, you’ll probably get your diet and beverage consumption more under control too.

On the flip side, they might not be any more reliable than you. In fact, they could encourage you to not run because they’ve decided something else is more important that day. You might prefer to listen to music, an audiobook or a podcast alone rather than chit-chat with them while jogging. They might also be at a different level of fitness or running ability which could affect their suitability as a running buddy too.

5.      Focus on Form and Distance, Not Time

Focus on your running form, breathing properly and the distance you cover. Don’t obsess about running times for a while. If you’re not running properly either, then your poor feet are going to suffer eventually. You’ll also wear out your running shoes faster.

Pay attention to your running form. If you like, get a running coach if only for a session or two. This way, you can iron out the kinks in your running movements to avoid potential injuries down the road. They’ll also help you with correct breathing and recovery techniques. Get the basics right before worrying about beating your time every other day.

Now you know that you’re more serious about running this year, set yourself up for success. Faster times are great later in the year, but get the fundamentals right too.


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