Selling on Magento? Some marketing tools you won’t want to overlook

Selling on Magento? Some marketing tools you won’t want to overlook – Al Woods

One of the most popular shopping cart services for online retailers is the Magento platform, which is now offered in two versions: 1 and 2. Both are great options for merchants who are looking for complete customization options with their online store.

However, getting your Magento store up and running is just the first step. After you’ve got your sales channels setup, you’ll need to take get the ball rolling on the marketing process. That’s where these following tools can help you get off to a running start.


Constant Contact or MailChimp

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your subscriber base. When people opt-in to your newsletter, you can remarket to them proficiently using either MailChimp or Constant Contact as your service provider. Both are tailored to online retailers and come packed with user-friendly features that help you spot trends, improve email marketing methods, track opens and click-throughs, and so much more. They’re must-have tools for any serious online retailer and both are free to start using with paid plans that are offered after the trial period has expired.

AdRoll and OutBrain

You’ve worked so hard to get visitors to come to your store, but what are you doing after they leave it? This is especially true for visitors who have bounced away without making a purchase. Well, we’ve got you covered!

Services like AdRoll add a cookie to the browser of visitors so you can remarket to them via native ads after they leave your site. It’s a powerful remarketing tool with proven results, real-time tracking and competitive bids on click-through and ad placement.

Outbrain is another popular native ad tool, but it works differently. You take quality content from the blogs you post and syndicate them across millions of ad networks and websites, only paying for each click. Since every click leads back to your online store, you can imagine the potential when you combine these two powerful remarketing services.

Ecommerce CRM Software

If you’re selling online, you need to have a way to connect with customers and tap into the customer journey. Thankfully, there are solutions that exist for you. Take a look at your options with newer Magento ecommerce CRM software solutions. They work by integrating with Magento via API and give you a complete picture of customers and their habits, including cross-channel metrics. You’ll also get some added tools like email marketing, task and team management, reporting and more to help you build better relationships.

Drip Email Marketing

If you are not familiar with a service called Drip, take some time to research it. It’s an email marketing service that automates welcome and check-up messages to new subscribers. It’s a great way to send immediate thanks to a new shopper for their purchase or to check in with them after the fact and touch base. It can also be used as an effective cart abandonment email, which has been shown to improve reorder and average order value as well as long-term retention. The best part: Drip is easy to use and very cost effective.

Link Tiger

One last tool you won’t want to overlook is Link Tiger. This tool is entirely free to use and is designed to help you find bad links or dead pages on your store. Removing or updating these pages and links can lead to conversions on otherwise lost revenue and a surefire improvement in your online rankings in the major search engines. Using this tool is simple and fast, and you or your development team can use it to boost rankings and conversions.



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