4 ways digital tech helps enterprises sustain success

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4 ways digital tech helps enterprises sustain success – words Alexa Wang

Innovation has influenced business since the days of the printing press and power loom.

But digital technology has progressed at such a rate that it has applications we can only have imagined 25 years ago — with several touchpoints in practically every sector.

With that in mind, here are four ways digital tech helps enterprises sustain success.



Traditionally, talent acquisition is one of the most ‘human’ business tasks — the subtleties of finding the right person for a role and ensuring they align smoothly with corporate culture don’t seem like they’re suited to the robot realm.

But recruitment automation specialist Entelo provides organisations with a bespoke AI platform that identifies, sifts and selects prime candidates, conducts background checks and arranges interviews — all in a fraction of the time it takes flesh and blood teams.

It doesn’t entirely replace human recruitment specialists — but enables them to work more accurately and rapidly. Additionally, the initial financial outlay is recouped through cheaper recruitment campaigns and on-point recruitment leading to improved retention rates.

Human Rights

Third sector organisations like charities and pressure groups usually have tight margins when it comes to marketing budgets — so it’s crucial their campaign efforts deliver a great ROI.

And despite being founded in 1961, Amnesty International is adept at harnessing the power of online petitions and social media to raise funds and awareness and affect real change.

It won a New Thinking Award in 2016 in the Marketing for Good category for an innovative campaign against illegal arms trading that reached three million Facebook users — and forced the government to close a loophole in the arms trading laws one month after its completion, for a budget of under £15,000.


When a company employs remote teams in several different countries, or opens physical offices abroad, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that payroll is accurate and meets legal requirements.

But hiring in-house HR staff in different countries is expensive — so HR and payroll solutions provider SD Worx allow you to outsource these admin-heavy tasks to their automated platform, taking to weight from your shoulders.

When you need accuracy and regulatory compliance for payroll across borders, this type of tech is very cost-effective.

Industrial maintenance

Maintaining highly technical equipment for the oil and gas industry is expensive, arduous and time-consuming.

And because health and safety’s so stringent in this sector, there’s no room for mistakes.

So the AR smart helmet from GE subsidiary Baker Hughes overlays digital imagery onto the worker’s field of vision — allowing remote experts to guide onsite staff through complex tasks effectively. Industrial automation of a new kind.

This technology will improve the quality of maintenance work and reduce the huge financial losses firms have to absorb when their facilities go offline due to repairs.

So there are four ways digital tech helps enterprises sustain success — pick those that best suit and prepare for a successful future.

What tech helps your organisation? Share your views in the comments section.

4 ways digital tech helps enterprises sustain success – words Alexa Wang



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