How will transport reforms change Manchester?

How will transport reforms change Manchester? – words Al Woods

Greater Manchester’s economy is somewhat dependent on advancements in infrastructure.

They often act as a catalyst for new developments across an area. They kickstart ambitious regeneration schemes that help the landscape evolve.

Transforming and revitalising unused brownfield sites can introduce new productive uses across a city, many of which are used for new developments. Such uses can come in the form of off-plan buy to let property developments from companies like RW Invest or innovative infrastructure. However, for these projects to be successful, they can only fulfil their true potential if they are planned with the wider economic, social and environmental impact in mind.


Manchester has developed an integrated approach to shape the largest network development programme seen outside of London, aiming to meet the needs of communities, commuters and businesses. Greater Manchester understands that transport reforms need to occur at both a national and regional level to create an area of world class connectivity for both people and goods. Ground breaking changes across the city are being implemented with a long-term view in mind, particularly through investment and driving growth in the region.

From now and up to 2040 there will be numerous plans that will be proposed and delivered. Complex changes to existing infrastructure will have a significant effect on the city and it will continue to capitalise on its strengths as the main international gateway to the North.

Tackling congestion is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. There is limited scope to build or widen existing roads, particularly across urban areas. Instead the strategy must concentrate on making existing transport networks more efficient. A focus will be to deliver a more consistent, resilient service resulting in more seamless journeys across all forms of transport.

As population numbers from 2001 to 2011 have increased significantly by 19%, Manchester has become one of the fastest growing major cities in England. The latest projections are that thecity’ population will exceed three million by 2040. An enormous new super terminal based at Manchester Airport will aim to be completed by 2023 as a vastly expanded Terminal 2 receives extensive work. Expected to take a maximum of six years, airport bosses say that the transformed terminal will reduce queueing and wait times. As part of the terminal’s upgrade, it is intended to rebalance the economy out of London. Those involved claim up to 1,500 jobs will be created throughout the project.

Greater Manchester is boosting its rail networks to deliver transformational step change in the connectivity of the North’s city regions. The arrival of HS2, a high-speed rail running from Manchester through Crewe and the West Midlands and down to London, is a great opportunity for new developments, not only in Manchester Piccadilly but surrounding areas. Revitalising the neighbourhood will create a new mixed-use space complete with new offices, homes and public areas, as well as the creation of an estimated 40,000 jobs. Manchester is a city making itself a renowned destination for investors, professionals and people alike to well and truly benefit from its prosperity, reputation and regeneration schemes.


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