Step by Step: How to Create an Internet Radio Station

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The last decade has seen internet radio go mainstream with big networks like NPR, BBC, and NBC making the switch online. This is not surprising given that many listeners now prefer to stream their favorite shows on their watches, phones, and other Smart devices.

Therefore, for you to stand a chance of getting people tuning to your radio station, you must give your audience the convenience of downloading your station in their pockets.

Create Internet Radio Station

What Do You Need to Start an Online Radio?

Technology has lowered the barrier to entry for most industries, radio being one of them. With a platform like Radioking, all you need is a microphone, secure internet, and a PC.

Start Your Radio Journey In 5 Easy Steps

As easy as that might sound, you will also need to consider other factors in your preparation stage to guarantee the success of your radio station. The 5 important steps to follow include:

Step 1: Consider what you want your radio to be known for

Research your target audience and establish their preferences. You will also want to ask yourself why you are venturing into online radio. If you are not yet sure, you can find inspiration from successful case studies.

Also, think about the partners and the kind of content you will be streaming to ensure consistent branding across all your programs. Have discussions with your collaborators like DJ or assistant presenters to ensure you are all on the same page.

Step 2: Brand your station

Perhaps among the most important decisions to make at your initial stages concerns the name of your station. Your branding should be aligned with your audience and the type of message your radio will focus on.

It’s important to also do extra research to ensure your branding or some of its aspects are not infringing on existing brand names. Most countries have tools you can use to check whether your desired brand name is available or already in use.

Step 3: Research on the copyright laws

As an upcoming presenter, brushing shoulders with the law is the last you would want. Therefore, familiarize yourself with your country’s music copyright laws. If you plan to play music, buying a license should be on your to-do list. You can also consider using royalty-free music, but you might still need to invest in a one-time license.

Step 4: Assemble your equipment

Besides the PC, an internet connection, and a microphone, you will need a pair of headphones and a registered account to create a radio station. If all you think about is a simple setup, consider a USB condenser microphone that comes as a package and is plug-and-play compatible, meaning you don’t need any technical know-how to install it.

Consider acquiring additional equipment for further features if you want a fancier setup. An audio interface will be useful in converting standard XLR audio signals into high-quality sounds. On the other hand, a mixing desk will allow you to manage multiple audio inputs rather than relying just on software mixers.

Step 5: Find news and information to share

If your internet radio station will focus on news stories, you’ll need to create a method for organizing your news items before the show goes live. One approach is to subscribe to the RSS feeds of all the blogs and news sites you read on a regular basis and organize them in a single location. This way, you’ll have everything you need in one place as you prepare.

What are the Advantages of Having an Internet Radio Host?

Yes, you can host a physical radio station, but it requires extensive technical knowledge as well as constant maintenance, which may divert your attention away from the creative process of generating engaging programs.

Radioking gives you great flexibility in terms of customization. You can also be sure that your radio will be viewed from different devices.

The platform provides valuable audience metrics to assist you in analyzing your listeners’ location and preferred listening media. You have options at your disposal to monetize your radio station, making it a great way to generate extra income.


Launching a radio station is not as complicated as it may sound. Radioking allows you to get up and running quickly with only 5 simple steps. Contact Radioking for a free 7-day trial.


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