7 Drastic Mistakes Aspiring Professional Gamers Make

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Aspiring Professional Gamers

The gaming world is such a beautiful place to be a part of. So many games with different genres and storylines are available nowadays, so you’re guaranteed to be entertained whenever you like. Additionally, some gamers become professionals and make money playing video games. But once you decide to take the professional route, you must avoid making certain mistakes, otherwise, you can ruin your reputation and gaming career.

To help you out, here are 7 drastic mistakes that new professional gamers tend to make.

Holding Grudges

Playing games can be quite competitive and some gamers tend to hold a lot of grudges when they play with other players. This isn’t something that you should do when you play games because not only does it make you look bad, but it’s also bad for you mentally and emotionally. If you don’t care about your reputation and being perceived as a sore loser, then you should learn to let go because holding grudges isn’t good for anyone, including yourself. We win some and we lose some; this is the way of the world. So, don’t go on a revenge rampage.

Being Reckless When Buying Currency

Some gamers might get their accounts banned after spending so much time and effort on them. Like most games, you would have an in-game currency that helps you purchase some of the best gear and weapons. And if you’re a fan of RuneScape, then you might have thought of buying some OSRS gold from gold sellers to make the game much easier and more fun for you. But you need to do it right and follow the steps that prevent the game developers from tracking you and banning you permanently from the game. 

Saying Racial Slurs

If you’re a gamer and you tend to say a lot of racial slurs, you might risk offending a lot of your fans and viewers. Whether it’s live, during tournaments, or on your streamable videos, you shouldn’t be too offensive and say any racial or ethnic slurs. Not only will it ruin your reputation, but you might be branded as a racist and that could stick with you forever as a professional gamer.

Starting a Game Unprepared

Many gamers tend to start a mission, quest, live stream, tournament, or raid unprepared for what might come. As a professional, you should always read up on how to play the game you like and the raids or missions you might do. The only time that being unprepared is okay is when it’s part of your gimmick online and if you want to make people laugh. But if it’s a professional competition and you’re in it to win, then you should be thoroughly prepared and have the perfect strategy to beat your opponents. 

Forgetting About Yourself

A lot of gamers that play for a living forget about themselves and ignore their health or their hygiene. It’s okay to have fun and it’s okay to eat some junk food occasionally, but you need to prepare a proper meal plan for yourself, get enough sleep, and shower regularly. Taking care of yourself is important because your health and body matter, even if you have thousands of fans that are waiting for you to entertain them as you play.

Comparing Yourself or Mimicking Others

You shouldn’t compare yourself or try to mimic the other player’s personalities and demeanors. You need to be unique and be yourself. Don’t worry about what other gamers are like or what they think. The best professional gamers always come up with unique gimmicks or they tend to be themselves to be more genuine with their fans and viewers. This is the best way to enjoy a nice, professional career in gaming.

Mixing Politics with Gaming 

History has shown a few gamers that got politics involved during a live competition/tournament. This is bad because it might get you disqualified and you might not keep your winnings if you managed to get first place. The idea is to have fun and show your passion for gaming. Some game developers have strict rules when it comes to politics during live events. So, make sure you stick to playing the game instead. 

Aspiring Gamer

Gamers don’t need to be the same. The fact that everyone has their unique style and principles is one of the reasons that make the gaming world so fascinating. However, you should be careful not to do something bad or too controversial while expressing yourself. We are all human and we all can get too passionate about what we do, but that doesn’t mean that you should be offended or do something outrageous, unethical, or against the rules. No matter how small the mistake might be, you should always be very careful and think twice before doing something drastic.


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