How Do I Choose the Right Smartwatch?

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Smartwatches have steadily built their foundation in the tech market and have become among the trendiest gadgets in recent years. Like smartphones, these timepieces of the future are dominated by Apple and Samsung. However, other prominent brands such as Garmin and Fossil are also making their mark.

Affordable and highly-rated models are also abundant. You can check out the best iTouch watches that feature such qualities. Considering these choices, purchasing the ideal smartwatch device might be more challenging than you imagine.

Right Smartwatch

Factors To Consider in Smartwatches

Since smartwatches are more than just time-tellers, you have to consider other features to ensure maximum functionality. Some of them are:

OS (Operating System)

The majority of smartwatches are compatible with most smartphones. Apple Watch is meant to be paired with iPhones as the watchOS is made with the same company that programmed the iOS.

On the other hand, Google’s Wear OS watch is mainly utilized on watches made by Samsung, Xiaomi, and other manufacturers. They are also said to have max compatibility with Android 4.3 and higher versions. The Wear OS watches can operate with the iPhone but are better suited to the Android platform.

Lastly, Fitbit watches are compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. So, as much as possible, match your phones with a smartwatch that shares the same manufacturer to ensure optimal functionality.


A smartwatch should last at least 48 hours on a single charge with regular use. The smartwatch’s battery life is primarily affected by four factors: the CPU, the screen, the battery capacity, and the software running.

Also, those that allow third-party apps and have more capabilities tend to have less battery longevity. Charging also has an impact on battery but mostly in regards to convenience.

Smartwatches are chargeable through a pogo pin adaptor, a port, or via wireless charging. Wireless charging is more hassle-free, although some companies restrict compatibility with smartwatch chargers. For battery, always consider a smartwatch that lasts at least more than 48 hours and offers charging options.


Many smartwatches exhibit either an LCD or AMOLED, allowing you to view photos, applications, and other information in vivid color and bright details. Regardless of which display your smartwatch has, you’ll lose battery quicker if you increase your screen settings. More expensive smartwatches use clear OLEDs rather than LCDs, which allow for smaller designs.

For display, it’s just the matter of your budget that relates to screen quality. In other words, there’s no right or wrong choice because all of them are capable of producing high-quality displays.

Monitoring Feature

A smartwatch is frequently called by many a fitness watch because of its health monitoring functions. GPS, accelerometer, heart rate, and temperature monitoring are some of the most common features. With these capabilities, working out and keeping track of progress is easier than when using smartphones only.

The accuracy of these smartwatches varies, with contrasting feedback received by several brands and models. As such, it’s a good practice to check the in-depth reviews to get a more educated opinion about the precision of a smartwatch’s health monitoring.


Since smartwatches aren’t typically inexpensive, it would be important to choose one that can withstand numerous elements. If outdoor is your preference in working out, make sure that your fitness watch has impressive resistance to shock, water, and impact. Unintended movements could easily lead to accidents or injuries, which may involve the smartwatch.

Shape and Build

The majority of smartwatches on the market have two display shapes, either round or square.

Round displays are more elegant and classic, which are similar to automatic watches. Square screen variants can display more information simultaneously.

For shapes, it’s all about your personal taste.

A metal casing is excellent for a smartwatch when it comes to material quality and other design features. A plastic casing is not as robust as a metal case and is prone to scratches. Your smartwatch should also have two analog buttons for quickly accessing the menu and returning to the previous screen.

Smartwatch tips

Other Smartwatch Important Qualities

App Choices

The smartwatch category is growing, with some devices already supporting hundreds or even thousands of apps. It is optimal for those interested in trying different software to broaden the functionality of their smartwatches.


The ability to manage your music from your wrist is one of the most distinctive features of smartwatches. Some watches can operate without requiring any connection from a smartphone.


Cellular connectivity is one of the sophisticated features of many smartwatches. Similar to music, some models have their own means to have an LTE connection, while others require a Bluetooth connection to access the internet. Answering calls and sending texts are also possible with smartwatches.

Choosing the Right Watch for Your Needs

The characteristics listed above are quite useful in determining what type of smartwatch is best for you and what functions should be included. Regardless of the model you pick, take the time to check out the features in detail so that you’ll have a better understanding of how to operate it.


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