How to Choose the Ideal Architect

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Construction of a country house should be carried out according to the project. There are two variants of cottage construction: according to the standard project and according to the individual design.

In the first case, a ready-made solution would be chosen, which takes into account the average statistical needs in the construction of the house and is suitable for most developers. In the second case — a project is developed from scratch to suit the specific wishes and objectives of the customer. The individual project is unique and requires careful study by specialists. Such a specialist is an architect (or designer).

Choose ideal Architect


Architect — is a specialist with specialized narrowly focused education, experience to design a house, creating a visual sketch.

Therefore, for many people who have decided to choose the individual design of their country house, the question of the right choice and the search for an architect becomes extremely relevant. Considering the fact that the construction of the house begins with this stage.

How to find and choose an architect for your project

1. Recommendations (or “word of mouth”)

This is one of the most common ways to find a competent architect. After all, you will always find someone from your network of friends or acquaintances who have previously faced the issue of finding an architect and have experience working with the specialist. And if you have confidence in your acquaintances, then looking for an architect by recommendation is the best option.

If you do not find among your friends those who have dealt with such a task, you can always go through a survey of your future neighbors. This is especially valuable if you like the way their house is designed like these Turkish houses. In addition, the residents can give feedback on the usability of the designed and built house, which is much more valuable than studying the projects that are only on paper.

2. The internet

This can also include specialized blogs, forums, and even print publications. Often the interface of such electronic media includes an assessment of the project, reviews, comments, rating of the architect himself. However, one has to be careful and attentive: often beginners use in their cases someone else’s work or even fictitious projects that have never been realized in practice.

3. Selection by completed projects

Sometimes a project looks comfortable and beautiful on paper, but in life certain issues begin to occur. Therefore, a good option when searching and choosing an architect is to check the already realized projects or those in progress. In the first case there is an opportunity to get feedback from tenants, and in the second – to get feedback from construction teams and find out their opinion and assessment. Having studied and looked at the result of the architect’s work from different angles, you can get more complete information and make a balanced and correct decision.

4. Personal contact

Nothing can replace live communication with a person, and only a personal meeting can put a point in the choice of architect. During communication, you should pay attention to how the architect answers questions, the specifics of the answers, and whether he can justify a particular architectural solution.

Choose Architect


If the architect-designer is ready to unconditionally fulfill any whim of the customer, it is most likely not a competent performer. After all, a competent specialist always knows what you can and can really translate, and whatnot. At the same time, he will professionally justify his answer.

What to focus on when choosing

  • The presence of real experience in the design and construction of countryside construction and specialized education.
  • Willingness to perform the function of the designer’s supervision at the stage of construction. Often without this additional service, it is rarely possible to achieve high quality of contractors’ work.
  • Phasing of the home design process. Forcing the process, in this case, is not recommended, otherwise, the rush is fraught with errors in the calculations, correcting which are sometimes very expensive.
  • Completeness of the package of documents, prepared and provided by the architect. If there are no real drawings, it is better to refuse the services of such a specialist.
  • Does the architect provide additional services, such as geodetic calculations, project approval, etc? This is a good assessment of the prospect of establishing long-term cooperation. Often such specialists have their own team of specialists to work on individual units and design.
  • Participation in specialized seminars, conferences, or exhibitions. Having your own designs will be a big plus.
  • Being attentive to the words of the customer — is the only way to find out all the preferences and objectives of the client to create a dream home project.
  • Signing a contract with clearly spelled out terms of cooperation, the rights and obligations of the parties, guarantees, and fixing the cost of services.


Only taking into consideration these tips and recommendations, you can choose a competent specialist in architecture and design and be confident in the future result. Therefore, the process of selecting and searching for an architect should be given due attention and time.



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