How to Sell Concert Tickets While There’s a Pandemic Going Around

words Al Woods

Concert Tickets covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought events down to the knees due to social distancing measures, but this shouldn’t hinder you from selling tickets, since artists still host online concerts.

There are several ways to sell tickets for music shows and concerts. Fanatics will want to relieve their stress during a pandemic, since they have been in isolation for long, and they would like to attend online shows. Here are easy ways to sell concert tickets during a pandemic.

Through a Landing Page 

Several ticket sellers often use landing pages for selling music concert tickets. With a landing page, you will offer your ticket buyers a more streamlined musical experience, and the environment is branded to the event. All the details you need about the concert are on the landing page, coupled with ways to buy tickets and a clear call to action. The best part about landing pages is that they are easy to use, and, as a seller, you quickly get the idea.   

Using Apps and Websites

Most music promoters promote music concerts using mobile apps such as Song kick, on websites such as Ticket fairy, and social media platforms. Music concert websites are one of the best avenues to sell your ticket, and music promotional experts at often advise ticket sellers to identify established ticketing, marketing, and rewards websites, especially one selling tickets in the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, India, and Europe. You get to use the website or app in the comfort of your home, and there is not much hustle when selling the ticket. 

Using Pre-Sale

It would help if you considered subscribing to an email listing, whereby you notify your clients on pre-sale ticket opportunities, and there, they can book tickets. If you have a credit card payment system, payment will be more manageable, and you can purchase pre-sale tickets for several concerts before the general public knows about the music show.

Find a Reseller

Several verified ticket resale brokers and secondary sellers sell music show tickets at a fair price. Find a ticket reseller, and if you doubt them, there are websites that you can use to verify whether they are members of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. To be on the safe side, avoid making unverified purchases from a stranger on the street or from an ad on the internet.

Through Cashback Websites

Certain cashback websites such as BeFrugal and Ebates offer loyal clients the opportunity to earn money when buying tickets from websites such as ticket fairy. During a pandemic, purchase the tickets then sell them to your loyal clients. When you buy a ticket from the selected websites, you can get a 10% cashback. If you are from out of town, you might get some cashback on selected travels. If you are not a cashback website member, you can visit their portal, register, and then buy a ticket.  

Through Social Media Platforms

Almost all social media platforms have ad campaigns, and you can post a music show advert. Event producers are aware of the vast social media audience, and they often post ways to sell event tickets.

Create Scarcity

Music shows ticket prices fluctuate in most cases, and the price might drop as the concert approaches. Tickets might run out at first, and fans might be disappointed by the prospect of missing out on the performance. Sometimes, event producers inflate the price to make huge profits, but they might offer discounts since few fans have bought the tickets as time passes. It would also be wise to check apps and leading websites on ticket prices to determine market trends and take advantage of ticket scarcity to market your tickets. 

Consider Selling Single Tickets

As a promoter, you know that most people attend music concerts with their buddies; therefore, it would be best to create several user tickets. There are chances that these tickets might run out, and clients would want to purchase single tickets. Also, some people prefer purchasing four or five tickets to secure a discount. They might look to dispose of extra tickets at the last minute since they were turned down or for other reasons. You can buy the tickets at a discount price and resell them. 

Tickets can be hard to sell at times, but it’s up to you to find ways to make it a success. During pandemics such as Covid-19, people are bored at home, and they need entertainment. Please take advantage of their need for entertainment and implement these strategies to your advantage.


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