6 Tips on How to Maximize Your Living Space

words Alexa Wang

Maximize Living Space

You can maximize your living space and get the best of it, no matter how small it seems. You don’t have to break a bank in the process; neither do you need to consume much time.

This is because most of the strategies are DIY, and you don’t have to seek the help of a professional. You only need to understand what you want, get creative, and do a little research. If you are planning to enhance your living space’s curb appeal, read our guide to know how you can achieve this, and maximize the available space.

Buy the Mini Appliances

You can utilize your small space by buying small-sized appliances. Modern appliances come in all sizes, which means you can get home appliances of every size, including the smallest ones. The small equipment serves the same purpose as the bigger ones. The only difference is that they consume less space. As seen on Tiny House Huge Ideas, you can buy a mini microwave, mini air conditioner, mini freezer, etc. You can also consider the portable appliances which you can only bring to the living room when you want to use them, and return them after use. Find out the mini size appliances which you can use to maximize your living space. 


To declutter is to organize. It is the process of removing the things you rarely use, packing them, and placing them in their respective areas. Perhaps, there are many things you don’t use in your house, yet they are in your living room. These things could include old toys, pillows, or the appliances you don’t use. They might still look attractive, but the fact that you no longer use them makes them useless to your space. Remove them from your house and give them out. You can also create a small shelf in one of the rooms and keep them there safely. When you declutter, you will get free space that you can use to store the most useful things.

Purchase the Multipurpose Furniture

Your house will have a bigger space when you declutter. If the area is not yet enough, replace your old furniture with modern, versatile furniture. An example of multipurpose furniture is the one you can use as a bed, a chair, etc. These pieces of furniture are foldable, meaning that you can easily fold them to meet your needs. You can either decide to modify your old furniture to be multipurpose or invest in an entirely new one. Use the internet to research the best versatile furniture in which you can fit in your living room.

Consider the Vertical Equipment

The vertical space can be a great solution to your small living room. You can utilize this vertical space by using the shelves and the other tall equipment, which can store many things. These things take very little floor space, yet, they hold many things. An excellent example of vertical space equipment is a double-decker bed. It consumes very little space, yet, accommodates many people. You can also use the tall shelves where you can keep loads of things. Find out the best equipment which you can utilize to use the minimum space in your home.

Don’t Neglect the Corner

A corner is one of the most neglected parts of the house. Many homeowners assume that the area is not visible, and thus, you cannot keep anything. Others think that its shape can’t hold many things, which is untrue. You can use your corner to keep many things such as an armchair, a lamp, or even a box. Of course, not every corner may offer excellent storage, but you can use those that prove functional.

Hang it or Keep it Under

Maximize home Space

Not every home appliance deserves to take its space on the floor. Some things can still look nice if they are hanged on the wall. However, you can only hang the small house appliances and not heavy furniture. For instance, your indoor plant would consume less space in the house if you hang it instead of placing it on its own table. Other things would also be safe if you keep them under the chair, under the table, or even under the beds. Look at all the items in your living room to find out the ones you can hang or keep them under.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the practices you can adopt to maximize your living space. Find out the exact method which works well for you, and try it. You can also get more inspiration from online and offline sources, which provide helpful suggestions.


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