How painting can change your life

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How painting can change your life – words Al Woods

Did you know you could add colors to life just with a paintbrush? Oh yes, you can. Notwithstanding, the performance of these apps in your Smartphone or in your laptop, the beauty of painting is unique and unmatchable. Holding a paintbrush in your hand is just like holding a pen or a steering wheel. Here are a few reasons why you should start painting on a more regular basis.


Painting gives expression to your hidden thoughts

If you have read some works of Sigmund Freud about the human mind, then you must know our thoughts come from a very far and dark place. It takes strength to uncover them. Though speech may reveal some aspects of it, other cannot be expressed and remain absolutely unknown to the man though affecting his behaviors in their own ways. As Freud said, “no one know exaclty what happens in its own house”, house being a methophor for brains.

However, many times, a story is told as one who is looking closely at a painting. This may appear subjective, but it is real. If you want to know which thoughts are hidden inside of you, you may just start painting anything that comes to your mind. You will see your hidden thoughts coming up one after the other.

And as they start coming out, keep painting, for it will help you liberate yourself from harmful hidden thoughts and get back to a much happier mood.

Painting liberates your mind from tension

When everything gets hard (hope it will not!), try painting. Not only will it deliver your mind, but it will spark a light in yourself and help you find a way where all seems to be dark.

As an art, painting infuses light into your mind. It enlivens the corners of your mind by putting a sweet pressure on them. During that pleasant exercise, your brain sweats happily, thereby relieving your consciousness from disturbing thoughts and mental stress. To increase the effect of that “therapy”, you may also learn to paint with Superprof or other art coach. It will eventually help you develop a skill. You might even be able to market you art online after some time.

Painting add colors to your life

Let’s consider this. You probably know that what happens inside of you influences what happens on the outside. Of course, that is a normal law of nature. But imagine. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make that law work for you instead of working on its own?

Here is the clue. Paint what is lacking in your life. You need life, paint life. You need joy, paint joy. You need to develop your focus in life? Paint focus. You want your home to be a happy place to live in? Just paint that. In times of gloominess, never paint your feeling. Make a conscious effort to paint the best things in life.

Very soon, you will see yourself advising others to paint, because you will see very shortly how great art can be and how much it can bring to you.


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