Why Many People are Turning to Private Air Travel

words Alexa Wang

A lot of people consider traveling as an essential activity and part of their lifestyle. In history, people have constantly moved from one place to another, although the way people travel recently is already different and more varied.

More and more people are shifting in preference and choice as situations and current events are changing. Nowadays, people are turning to private jet travel because of its many advantages. To understand better the reason behind the popularity of this option, it is important to look into the factors that make traveling via private jet the most preferred mode of air travel. 

Private Air Travel

Exclusivity and Luxury

Traveling by a private jet is one luxury that can be easily afforded by a lot of people. It used to be something only the rich can afford, but this has changed dramatically over the years. With the many private jet rental companies, one can experience an exclusive and luxurious air journey without spending too much. 

A passenger who charters the whole plane can get to pick who travels with him and how many. Once you are in the jet, you get treats from the exquisite bar and five-star cuisine the crew has to offer. All the features and commodities of the jet will only be enjoyed by the current passengers, without having to wait for turns or to share with other strangers. Even though a jet is much smaller than a regular aircraft, you still get a lot more legroom because of the limited and chosen passengers. You can stretch out as much as you can and sit comfortably without having to mind other people you don’t know around. This is the best option if you are looking to make a special event with someone special or you want to have a memorable journey with your friends and family. 

Time Efficiency

Almost everyone who has traveled via air has stories about problems at the airport and even during their flight. Most of the time, passengers have to adjust to the whole process, irrespective of their schedule. It means you have no power over long queues, planes reroutes, delayed departure, and even cancellation of flights. If you are looking to attend an important meeting or event, there is a big chance you will be late or even unable to attend because of these factors in your travel that are beyond your control. 

When you go for private air travel, you put everything in your hands. You choose the exact time you want to leave and the places you want to make a stop. This is the best way to get to your destination in the shortest time possible. One of the advantages is that you can even catch an available flight just a few hours before your intended departure. This is more efficient for your time and schedule

Privacy and Comfort

There are a lot of horror stories you can hear from people who frequent the plane. The source could be from other terrible and rowdy passengers, poor services, lack of privacy, and limited movement that affects your comfort. You have no choice when someone becomes too loud that you can’t sleep and rest, or when someone smells a scent you do not like. On the other hand, you have to take into consideration the people around before you can do your own business. When you fly privately, it’s like booking a hotel room where you can take a seat comfortably and not be bothered by anyone. This is one of the main reasons why holidaymakers choose to fly to resorts like the Belmond Cap Juluca hotel. Peace and tranquility is always in style, whether you’re flying in a private jet or lounging by a pool.

If you are with your family and young kids, you don’t have to worry about bothering anybody because you have the place to yourselves. You can freely do what you want during the flight, eat everything available, and be as loud as you can when you are out with your friends. You don’t have to be conscious when you are on the plane because you are traveling with only your closest people. 

Health and Safety

Health and safety are the main reasons why more and more people are opting for private jet travel rather than a commercial flight. There are a lot of cases where people become victims of airport crimes like the planting of illegal materials and substances and theft. This can result in a lot of problems that will not only hamper the flight but also make the person possibly face criminal charges. 

When it comes to health, the airport and the plane can harbor a lot of viruses from other passengers who are sick and ill. It is difficult to monitor because of the large number of people who come and go to the airport. There is also no assurance of frequent sanitation and disinfection of plane facilities. When you find a private jet rental that can accommodate flight, you can make special requests that will ensure the place is clean and safe. Not only are you safe, but also all your belongings and baggage will be free of threats coming from other people. 

Overall Quality Travel Experience

Your travel experience starts the moment you travel to the airport and until you exit the airport at your destination. A lot of things can go the wrong way throughout this whole process, which would become the cause of possible disappointments and problems. A private jet can improve the overall travel experience because you get to be escorted to the airport to your destination. You can host your midair party with a few selected friends and enjoy your time drinking and celebrating for special occasions. There is no limit to the weight and quantity of your pieces of baggage and you are not subjected to the rigorous processes that the airport demands of its passengers. This is something even the most expensive plane seat cannot offer. 

Private flying

The increase in the demand for private jet travel can only prove the efficiency brought about by this mode of transport. Because more companies are now catering this service to the masses, a lot of people can already avail of this luxurious experience. Ensure comfort, safety, and quality improvement by flying on your terms.


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