How Should You Modernize Your Aged Abode?

words Al Woods

If you have bought a classic home, then there’s a good chance that you bought it in part because of its age.

You don’t want to get rid of its character entirely (at least, most don’t), but you don’t want to have to live with the outdated aspects and imperfections that might make it a little less suited to modern life. So, what are your options when it comes to modernizing an old home, and which should you go for?

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Take the minimalist approach

One of the easiest ways to make an older home feel a little more modern is by taking the time to open as much space as possible and to get rid of clutter where you can. Older homes, in general, tend to be a touch smaller and, as a result, can feel a little claustrophobic. If you’re keeping it chock full of furniture then that sensation can only be heightened. Clear it out, open it up, and choose sleek modern furniture that can multitask to save space.

Revolutionise the wet rooms

There are two rooms that really need to feel modern in most homes. It can be hard to feel comfortable without it. We’re talking about the bathroom and the kitchen, of course. Investing in a full bathroom or kitchen renovation can make either space feel a lot cleaner, a lot more comfortable, and a lot more modern. These rooms are often the last to be updated in any home, simply because they take more work, so it’s likely they feel the oldest of out all the rooms.

Open it all up

As mentioned, the more space you can open up in the home, the more modern it can make it feel. Old homes tend to be more full of odd little spaces that might have once had a purpose but are long forgotten. With some modern house design, you can take a look over the floor plan of the property once more, looking to see if there’s potential to take down a wall. Rearranging your spaces can help you free up a lot more space than any attempt to clear away the clutter.

Give it some modern functionality

How old your home feels isn’t always about how it looks, either. It’s also about what it’s like to use it. For instance, how you control your lighting, doors, security functions, and so on. By taking the time to wire up and install a smart home device, you can make it a much more convenient place to live. It will feel a lot more modern when you’re able to control things like the light switches, the door locks, the security alarm, and more by using a single device that can access it all remotely.

There are a lot of ways to breathe some new life into an old home, many of them dictated by your budget and which problems are more serious. Let the tips above give you some inspiration on how to handle your own aged abode.


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