Visit the US – why now is a good time to go

Visit the US – why now is a good time to go – words Alexa Wang

America has long been a travel attraction from people around the world. This stems from not only its fairly youthful presence in our world, to its scale, cultural significance, cuisine, friendly people and a whole host of other reasons that make every visit and destination in the world so exciting and unpredictable.

Before you get planning your next American adventure, be sure to read up about some of our favourite 10 reasons why- if you want to visit the US – now is a great time to do it. Of course you have to have the right documents needed to travel to USA. Just be sure to get hold of an American Visa to ensure that you are allowed entry into the country too!


America is such a popular travel destination as it is essentially made up of six countries all accessed from one space. The USA could quite easily be split up into approximately 6 individual countries and you would be able to see their cultures, environmental and geopolitical differences with ease.

In the US, you are sure to find everything you can ever want in one place. Regardless of the things you like doing while on holiday, be that trailing the local cuisine to going to theme parks or lounging on the beach- this place has it all!

One thing that America certainly has in abundance is a cast number of natural parks which serve as huge attractions for people looking to explore Mother Nature in a way and on a scale that you may not every be able to experience anywhere else in the world. Enjoy the untouched natural wonder of America through places like Yellowstone etc. Don’t forget that the US has some amazing beach destinations. Florida has some top vacation destinations.

Something that makes many people marvel is the fact that almost every part of America can be reached via its vast network of highways. This is all thanks to President Eisenhower who set up a coherent road infrastructure that is still very much a huge appeal for both travellers and Native Americans to this very day.

If you are foodie, then you will already know that America is THE place to go if you are in search of some delicious grub. Because so much of the country was founded and built through immigration, the food in this country is influenced by countries from all over the world. The mixture of old and new is something that makes the cuisine here such a stand out part of any trip to The States.

Simply put, America is full of friendly people who love meeting new people- could you be one of them?

While America may not be as old as other parts of the world, it has to be said that there is still a lot of history to learn about here. From living historical towns to fantastic museums, history buffs will love this place.

While the plane ticket to America may be costlier than what you might spend on a ticket to Europe that is not to say that it is a hugely expensive country to visit on the whole. Through forward planning you will find that there are things about America that are affordable and allow you to get more for your money.

It’s true to say that many parts of the world do not have that same sense of community spirit that America has. Americans are known for their strong bonds and are very loyal to their particular geographical; regions.

Finally, America is a fantastic place to visit with kids. You are always sure of a great adventure and many long lasting memories when you visit America with your little ones.

Visit the US – why now is a good time to go – words Alexa Wang


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