Time to drain the swamp and finish Trump

Trump will drain the swamp – and drown himself – words Lee Taylor

From what I can glean from the many bloggers, commentators, current and former intelligence officers disguised as bloggers is this – Donald Trump’s days are numbered.

As I write it seems something very big is about to blow up this sordid little coup. I hope it comes quick. I’m not sure I can take much more. Let’s hope the takedown of Trump and his gang of corrupt goons is a humiliating one. This time the trump tweets won’t save him. I hope cameras are there to record it all.


One of the most disturbing aspects about this coup has been the deliberate assassination of truth. It has been fought with lies so big that it has shocked the world into confusion.

There we were enjoying our privileged western lifestyles. Not much of a care in the world. Democracy seemed assured. The far right was ridiculed and on the margins. We were far too complacent.

Many people were oblivious to the danger posed by Vladimir Putin. The idea that he could have infiltrated the Republican party and was now conspiring in a plot to bring down America with that buffoon from The Apprentice was just laughable. It still seems unbelievable. And so most people carried on enjoying their freedom. When Trump actually won the election, many people were horrified. The feeling of helplessness in the face of this takeover was heavy and dense. Here in the England I had a sense of panic that I tried to swallow down. When Putin threatens World War 3 though aided by his stooge Trump you have to mobilise.

The mainstream media, on the whole, tried to treat Trump like a normal president. Bad idea. It’s scary that in the 21st century well educated journalists would so easily be corralled by a wannabe dictator and his cohorts. ‘Let’s give him a chance’. ‘Let’s stop talking about Russia’. After all we had learnt from the 20th century we could still get fooled by the dirty lies of fascist wannabes.

The rotting layers of corruption that Trump and his fellow conspirators inhabit truly defies belief. Many of them have been in cohoots with the Russian mob for decades. Some have been involved in money laundering the ill-gotten gains from the drug, slave and sex trades. These really are the lowest of the low. The stench of their deeds will have to be disinfected from the White House.

But when all is said and done and as strange as it sounds right now – Trump and his master Putin might have done us all a massive favour. This has been a wake-up call of the greatest magnitude. Without realising it Putin and Trump have stress tested the world’s greatest democracy and The West alongside it.

The boundaries between politicians, big business, political donors, the media, the black market, dirty money, and organised crime has become so blurred in Russia that it’s hard to work out who is pulling whose strings. In the US, we’ve also seen these lines collapse. About the only section of government left that seems to be intact and largely uncorrupted seems to be the intelligence community.

The only thing left to do now is for the intelligence community to bring the whole sorry edifice crashing down to the ground. They have to be careful of course. There are so many debauched strands to this conspiracy that they have to be careful to uproot each festering tentacle. Only then can the whole rotten network be cleansed with the painful truth.

So it’s time to drain the swamp and it will not be a pretty sight. The Trump Russia scandal is about to break big. When the swamp is drained Tump and his gang of debauched, treacherous bottom feeders will be left exposed and gasping for air. They will be dealt with. We will then be forced to consider how it got to this. Then the rebuilding can begin.

Trump will drain the swamp – and drown himself – words Lee Taylor



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