Trump Russia Scandal – Trump’s last stand

Trump Russia Scandal – Trump and Putin’s last stand – words Leee Taylor

So Putin and Trump are right in the thick of their Reichstag moment. A diversion from the Trump Russia scandal and a marriage made in hell.

I must admit I expected something more dramatic. A few levelled government buildings at least. This desperate conjuring trick cost a jaw dropping $60 million in cruise missiles. People died in the gas attack.

Trump Russia Scandal

The thing is, US troops are already fighting alongside Russian troops in Syria. The Trump Russia ties are plain to see. As Spicer blurted out tonight Russia is already an ‘ally’ of Trump’s government. I bet he got slapped around the head for that one when he got back stage (Sean – that bit is meant to be secret!)

All they need to do now is make the marriage official. The missile strike was timed well. Tillerson is due in Russia tomorrow. Putin and his henchmen have been acting really well it has to be said. They seem aggrieved. They are making all the right noises. Snorting about escalation and retaliatory actions. All just smoke and mirrors.

Putin is the grand conjurer. Watching CNN tonight they have swallowed the narrative hook, line and sinker. In fact they and some mainstream networks are helping the story along. I bet Trump and Putin can’t believe their luck. The worried and stressed faces of the presenters as they discuss the dangerous situation with just the right concerned expressions. Do they not question the words of proven liars? Are they news people or just actors in a Trump Putin soap opera?

All that is left now is for Russia to suddenly buckle under Trump’s fake pressure. War between Russia and the US will be averted. Assad thrown under a bus (well for now at least while the cameras are rolling). CNN will swoon. The Trump Putin axis is now on for real. They will feel free to bomb and attack anyone they please inside or outside their countries. Democracies across the world have never been as vulnerable or fragile as they are today.

Let’s hope the people fighting for The Resistance in the US and around the world can change this warped and twisted narrative. This is Trump’s last stand. His approval ratings are falling. His White House is in disarray. We can’t let Putin and Trump win with their last throw of the dice.

Trump Russia Scandal – Trump and Putin’s last stand – words Leee Taylor

Trump Russia Scandal


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