Parisian Parks and Gardens: 6 Oases for Relaxation and Beauty

words Alexa Wang

The Eiffel Tower and the bright Champs-Elysées are only the beginning of Paris’ many attractions. The City of Light is also a green city, surprising many. Paris is home to so many stunning parks and gardens that it would be hard to choose a favorite. It’s true that wherever you go, you’ll find something special. There are certain parks where you may spread out on the grass and let the kids run about in a safe environment. Some are quiet and flower-filled, perfect for lounging in one of those ubiquitous green metal chairs with a good book. There is a Parisian park that will suit your needs, no matter what they may be. Read on to find out more about our 6 favorite serene oases.


The Champ-de-Mars, located in the 7th arrondissement, is unquestionably the most famous of Paris’s many parks. Its history as a gathering and party spot dates back to the 18th century. Visitors may take a stroll among a wide variety of tree species and enjoy unique Paris tours that offer an unforgettable and mesmerizing experience. There are also several sculptures and a merry-go-round for children to enjoy. Many people would confirm that this is the best area to picnic in the summer since the Tower is illuminated for five minutes every hour. The Champ-de-Mars is more than just open space, however; it also hosts a number of well-attended annual events, like the Bastille Day fireworks and concerts.

Jardin des Tuileries

The Tuileries Park, situated between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde, was the first public park in Paris. One of Paris’s most visited parks right now. Catherine de Medici commissioned the building of the Tuileries Palace and its expansive and spectacular Florentine garden in 1564. The tile factories known as Tuileries that were on the site before the palace was constructed provided the inspiration for the palace’s and its gardens’ names. The Tuileries Garden is now a public park frequented by locals and visitors alike who come to relax, sunbathe, and take in a little of Parisian history. This park should not be missed. Its major tree-lined road has several sculptures and is bordered by typically Parisian architecture; visitors will appreciate strolling along this route very much.

Jardin du Luxembourg

The Jardin du Luxembourg, or “Luxembourg Gardens”, named after the same palace that Marie de Médicis wanted to improve, is a must-see on every trip to Paris. The garden’s 22,5 hectares of space are an explosion of color, revealing floral borders in English and French designs, an ocean of greens, and an orchard. Greenhouses are the next stop for flower admirers. The monuments of notable authors like Baudelaire and a minimalist replica of the Statue of Liberty are also on display for visitors.

Parisian palaces

Parc Monceau

Located in the 8th arrondissement, not far from several of the city’s most famous landmarks—including the Champs-Elysees—is the charming green area of Parc Monceau. The rotunda entrance is located at the crossroads of a public park bordered by Boulevard de Courcelles, Rue de Prony, and Rue Georges Berger. The 8.2 acre park is a popular destination for tourists as well as locals, so be prepared for crowds, especially on weekends and nights. In contrast to the formal design of most Parisian parks, Parc Monceau has winding paths, a playground, and monuments to notable singers, painters, and authors. You can access the park from the Monceau Paris Metro Stop.

Parc de la Villette

This park is the epicenter of Parisian culture, hosting everything from summertime film festivals to impromptu breakdance shows. The Parc de la Villette stretches on both sides of the Bassin de la Villette, and its children-specific ‘Jardin des Vents et des Dunes’ has playground equipment and activities suitable for youngsters of all ages. Your children will love the wild-looking slide that is located near the water.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont

The Parc des Buttes Chaumont, one of Paris’s hidden beauties, is located in the city’s northeast, close to the hip neighborhood of Belleville. Near the little lake, you may go for a jog, take a walk with the kids, have a romantic picnic, or just relax in the sun. Take in the beautiful sunset over the City of Light while listening to the trickle of the park’s waterfall.

Parisian Parks and Gardens

You have now seen some of the most stunning green spaces in all of Paris. Each of these parks, from the serene Luxembourg Gardens to the sophisticated Parc Monceau, has its own special allure. Last but not least, do your part to keep these areas neat and tidy. Doing so will aid in retaining their aesthetic value for future generations. Have fun visiting the beautiful Parisian parks and gardens!



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