Best ways to visit Croatia

Best ways to visit Croatia – words Alexa Wang

Croatia is among the hottest travel destinations in Europe. The stunning Adriatic has hundreds of islands attracting holidaymakers from around the globe. Some explore this stunning coastline through a yacht charter in Croatia. Other tourists visit on a cruise or travel around the country by car. If this is your first trip, check out these best ways to visit Croatia in 2019.


Join a Cruise

Cruise ships flock to Croatia from late spring to early autumn bringing hundreds of thousands of passengers. The vast majority stop for a few days in the historical Dubrovnik before continuing further north along the coast. Cruises give you a chance to sit on the deck or your cabin balcony and watch the coastline pass by. They also offer a more convenient opportunity to see different parts of the Adriatic coast. However, by joining a cruise, especially in the high season, you’re at risk of sharing the experience with enormous crowds. If you do decide to choose to explore Croatia by cruise ship, consider joining a longer one that goes to visit nearby Albania and Montenegro.

Charter a Yacht

If you want true freedom on your trip to Croatia, consider chartering a yacht. You can get a luxury yacht for anywhere from a single day up to several weeks from multiple spots along the Adriatic. Getting a yacht not only allows you to sail to whichever part of Croatia’s hundreds of islands that appeal to you, but it also gives you a chance to have a luxurious holiday. The advantages of this vacation is the freedom and the opportunity to visit some of the lesser known spots. You can also plan your time to skip the crowds of tourists.

Rent a Car

Want to explore more of Croatia? Rent a car. You can fly into any airport and rent a car and then have a road trip around Croatia on your own terms. Consider spending a few nights in the capital city Zagreb. Soak up the attractive architecture, old town and colourful churches. Take a day trip to smaller Croatian towns and villages to get a glimpse in the local way of life. You can drive along the coastline down to Dubrovnik and have a side trip into neighbouring Bosnia. Having a car gives convenience if you want to experience more of the Croatian culture.

Use Public Transport

Public transport is the cheapest way to get around Croatia, and is popular with backpackers and budget travellers. Buses connect most parts of the country on a big highway which cuts transport time in half. Trains are another fast way to get around while passing through countywide. This is ideal if you want to get around without breaking your budget.

The Best Ways to Visit Croatia

If you want to experience Croatia’s world-famous Adriatic coastline, it’s better to either join a cruise or charter your own yacht. Cruises offer a convenient way to see the main highlights while a yacht gives you both freedom and a luxurious getaway. Get a car to explore the rest of Croatia including its capital and smaller towns.



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