Places to cover on your Italy Austria tour

Places to cover on your Italy Austria tour – words Alexa Wang 

The neighboring countries of Italy and Austria are an unusual pair to explore on your mini Europe tour. While Italy is a land of art, fashion, and gastronomy that enjoys a Mediterranean climate, Austria is an Alpine terrain with regal history and classical art that gave birth to many renowned musicians.

Consider arriving in Italy with Amalfi Coast package tours by Firebird and later move on to visit Austria. An overnight train journey is the best way to have hassle-free travel across the border. This column discusses the places you might want to cover on your Italy-Austria tour.

tour of austria Amalfi Coast

Located in the western region of Campania, Amalfi Coast is an excellent place to start your trip in Europe. Loaded with colourful fishing villages, upright cliffs and coastal beaches, Amalfi Coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate that offers some tranquility. You can explore the magnificent villas, ancient cathedrals, and terraced vineyards or simply enjoy the beach. Dolphin and grotto tours are some of the must-do activities on the coast.


The medieval town of Verona, located between Milan and Venice is filled with UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Verona is known to be an inspiration for Shakespeare’s greatest work – Romeo and Juliet. The city of Romance has many museums, cathedrals and lovely piazzas from the Renaissance period. Visit Lake Garda on the outskirts of the city to experience the crystal clear waters and Dolomites. Verona also happens to be famous for its wine and coffee drinks, so make sure you do not miss the local refreshments.

Italy Austria tourInnsbruck

Located just a few minutes away from the Italian border, Innsbruck is a city in the Alps famous for its modern architecture and skiing plains. It is usually visited as a base to tour the neighboring attractions such as the Swarovski Crystal World and various medieval castles. The Golden Roof is an Imperial Palace and Museum that displays the rich history of Austria. Innsbruck is well-known for winter sports and is definitely a must visit place for adventurous sports such as skiing and hiking.


Bordering Germany, Salzburg is renowned for its role in the making of the popular movie – The Sound of Music. The beautiful eastern Alps form an irresistible surrounding to the Hohensalzburg Castle and other medieval structures. Visit the palace, museums and Mozart’s residence to relive the time of classical era.

Italy Austria tourVienna

The capital of Austria should be your last stop on your Italy-Austria tour. The city shares River Danube with its neighboring country, Hungary, which makes it easier to visit Budapest as well if you like to be spontaneous. A train journey between the capitals of the two countries lasts about two and a half hours. Train tickets from Budapest to Vienna can be purchased over the counter at either of the stations. Visit the famous palaces of Vienna such as the Schonbrunn, Hofburg and Belvedere Palaces while in the city.

Austria is a smaller country compared to Italy but has a lot to explore. It is advisable to dedicate 2-3 days of your journey at each of these places. So, go and get the best of both worlds by visiting the warm coastal regions of Italy and the cool mountains of Austria!


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