How to Stay Safe On a Road Trip This Summer

words Alexa Wang

With the weather improving, road trip season is upon us and many will be hitting the open road to enjoy the UK’s stunning scenery and to explore new areas. There are many benefits to a road trip, but it is also important to consider safety as you will be spending a lot of time behind the wheel. This post will look at a few of the best ways to stay safe this summer on a road trip.

Road Trip tips

Research Your Route

First, it is a smart idea to research your route before you hit the road. In addition to making sure that you know where you are going and don’t end up in the middle of nowhere, this also gives you the chance to see if there are any roadworks, closures or diversions that you need to be aware of before you set off.

Let Friends/Family Know

It is always a good idea to let friends and/or family know exactly where you will be going before you hit the road. You should give them a detailed itinerary and then check in on a regular basis so that they know not to worry. You might also find it useful to turn on Find My Friends so that loved ones can track your movements throughout the road trip.

Check Your Car Over

The last thing that you want on a road trip is to break down, especially if you are driving through remote areas. This is why it is so important that you check your used car over before setting off – getting the car serviced could be a smart way to ensure that it is in the best condition before you hit the road.

Road Trip tips

Pack an Emergency Kit

It is also important to have an emergency kit in the car that you can use if you break down, get into an accident or encounter any kind of problems on your road trip. There are a number of items that should be in this emergency kit, including:

  • Spare tyre
  • Basic tools
  • Spare clothing and blankets
  • Torch
  • Phone charger
  • Water and snacks
  • High viz clothing
  • First aid kit

Split the Driving

If possible, it is a good idea to split the driving up between those that are able to drive. This is helpful not only in terms of giving people a break, but also to prevent driving when tired – this is the cause of around 20% of accidents in the UK.

Hopefully, this post will prove to be useful and help you to stay safe and really make the most out of your road trip. A road trip is a great way to travel and explore, but it can also pose dangers, particularly when embarking on a long trip, which means that safety needs to be a priority.


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