7 Summer Fashion Ideas that Don’t Bare Too Much Skin

words Alexa Wang

When you think of summer fashion, shorts, tank tops, and other clothes that allow for skin exposure often come to mind. These clothes are popular options as they can help your body stay cool despite the summer heat. However, you may also be wondering if there are summer clothes you can wear that won’t show too much skin.

Maybe you have to adhere to a certain dress code or leaving your arms, shoulders, or legs completely bare simply makes you feel too exposed. Whatever your reason, you have plenty of options that allow you to stay covered up while keeping cool and comfortable even on hot summer days.

Summer Fashion 2022

Cover Up with Leggings

If you’re the type of person who covers up their legs by constantly wearing jeans, consider putting away your denims and switching to leggings for the hot season. Jeans are a practical option for keeping your legs fully clothed but they can feel suffocating in the summer due to the heaviness of their fabric. Therefore, leggings may be a more comfortable alternative to jeans. 

Leggings are lightweight garments often made with a blend of cotton and polyester. Hence, they’re more breathable and comfortable to wear than denim pants. They are also versatile garments that can be worn just like pants and paired with different styles of tops. You can even shop leggings that look like your favorite pair of denim jeans without feeling as stiff and heavy. 

You can also use leggings to cover your legs under short skirts. If you want to wear summery dresses while keeping your legs covered, try pairing them with some leggings underneath. Opt for leggings that are lighter in color, like white or nude, as these colors will reflect light and help your legs stay cool. 

Wear Loose and Flowy Trousers

Another comfortable way to conceal your legs is with flowy or loose trousers. Flowy trousers like culottes or palazzo pants allow for more air to circulate within the garment due to their baggy nature. You can also consider choosing trousers that are made with natural fibers for extra breathability. Cotton and linen are especially popular fabric choices as they won’t weigh your body down or make you feel warm or hot. 

Summer Fashion Ideas

Flowy trousers look great paired with most tops. You can tuck a loose t-shirt inside a pair of culottes for a casual summer look. You also can wear loose pants with a fitted shirt to create a more balanced silhouette that doesn’t overwhelm the shape of your body.  

Pair Your Tops with Midi Skirts

Another flowy garment to add to your wardrobe is a midi skirt. Midi skirts are long, loose skirts that can keep your legs hidden without clinging to your skin. Most midi skirts reach two inches below the knees, but some midi skirts can end just above the ankles. If you’re conscious about the shape of your calves, go for midi skirts that are ankle-length, as calf-length midi skirts will make your legs look wider. Like flowy trousers, midi skirts will pair well with different kinds of tops.

Embrace Crop Tops

Crop tops are a summer staple that comes in a wide range of styles. You can have sleeveless crop tops, knitted crop tops, loose tee crop tops, or even long-sleeved crop tops, among others. The variety ensures that you can opt to cover up your shoulders or arms with these tops. 

Though crop tops are usually hemmed above the waist, it’s possible to wear them without completely exposing your stomach or midriff. Simply pair the crop top with high-waist bottoms to keep your torso hidden. Leggings, loose trousers, and midi skirts in high-waist designs will all pair well with a crop top. Worn in this way, you can enjoy the crop top trend without having to expose your body.

Consider Wearing Maxi Dresses

An easy way to stay covered during the warm seasons is with a summer maxi dress. Summer maxi dresses are ankle-length dresses made with natural fibers or a blend of cotton and polyester. Hence, these dresses often come in thin fabrics and offer a lot of breathing room for your legs and torso. They’re also hassle-free garments since you don’t need to match any tops and bottoms. Just slip on a maxi dress, and you’re done. They also come in a wide range of styles so you can opt for a high neckline or even full sleeves if you prefer full coverage. 

Go for Sheer Garments

Sheer garments are a trendy way to cover up while also helping you stay cool. Because of their translucent nature, sheer clothes reveal a bit of skin without making you feel completely exposed when you wear them. They’re also made from light and flimsy materials, so they dry easily if you sweat in them. Sheer clothes are good for layering because of their thin material. Layer them over tank tops or tube tops to cover up your arms or décolletage. 

You can also buy clothes that feature a mix of sheer and opaque panels. Doing so will allow you to completely cover up certain parts of your body while accentuating other parts you might want to show off. For example, if you wear a top with sheer material on the neckline and sleeves, you can elegantly show off your arms and décolletage while keeping the rest of your torso completely concealed.

Layer with Cover-Ups

Sheer kimonos, oversized dress shirts, scarves, and other kinds of cover-ups are a great way to cloak your arms and shoulders. Because they’re used as a veil over your body and meant for layering, cover-ups are often made to be thin, so they won’t feel suffocating or too warm on top of any outfit. 

Cover-ups also come in many designs, so they can look good with any outfit or even be used to dress up an ensemble. For example, if you’re wearing a plain, white tank top and denim jeans, you can accessorize with a floral cover-up. Doing so will give your look an accent piece while concealing your arms and shoulders. 

While summer may be a popular season to flaunt some skin, others just want to stay cool without revealing too much. That doesn’t mean that your style options have to be limited or that you can’t enjoy summer trends. Try out the fashion ideas listed above and enjoy feeling comfortable and looking summer-ready without having to bare your skin. 


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