How to save money on your winter wardrobe

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How to save money on your winter wardrobe – words Al Woods

Winter is fast approaching, and with winter comes freezing temperatures and icy noses and fingers. In other words, it’s time to break out the winter wardrobe.

While you might own a few staple items that you wear every year, it’s probably time that you went out and revamped your wardrobe. But what happens when your budget is a little on the tight side? While a payday loan lender is available in the case of an emergency, we’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks to help you save the pennies on a new, stylish winter wardrobe!


Check the Sales Racks

We know, the sales racks during the winter are usually filled to the brim with summer clothes and swimsuits so skimpy that even thinking about wearing them during the winter months makes you want to shiver. But by checking the sales racks, the deeper into winter you go can help you pick up some stunning pieces for next year, or those colder days during the following spring or autumn. You’ll be saving money both in advance of next year, and potentially for this year as well.

Revamp your old pieces

As ancient as your older pieces might be, there is still life in them yet – well, as long as they’re not full of holes and tears of course. But for those pieces that are just a little on the older side and need a style revamp – do it! Combine some of your regular choices with other things! Wear that jumper with a skirt and some thick tights rather than jeans, or bring in that summer dress with those same tights and a woolly cardigan to keep wearing it during the winter months.

Find warm combos for layering

Layering up thinner layers can be a cheap and effective way of keeping warm. If you have a shirt you wear in summer, layer it up with a jumper and a blazer for a smart but warm office look, or wear t-shirts under checked shirts for that little extra warmth. If you’re prepared to wear jumpers or hoodies, you can even opt for a medium-weight coat as opposed to something heavy and bulky. It’ll keep you moving more freely, all without overheating!

Thrift/Charity Shops and Discount Retailers

Thrift and Charity shops are always a good place to wander around if you pass one. While a lot of charity shops are known for more old fashioned pieces, you never know what gems you could find. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with a sprinkle of traditional or vintage in with your modern wardrobe. In fact, it could add a whole new charm to your outfits that you wouldn’t get from any brand-new items!

Invest in high quality staples

If you do have a little money to spare, make sure you spend it on high quality staple items for your winter wardrobe. Whether that’s black jeans that can go with any top, or a collection of high quality long-sleeved t-shirts, you never know when you could find yourself in need of something simple, yet effective. Remember that layering we mentioned before? Staple items can come into great use here too.

Avoid name brands

If you’re looking to save money, the number one rule is to avoid any named brands. As tempting as it is to buy designer clothes to keep up with fashion trends, sometimes we have to give up a little to keep ourselves warm, and with a healthy bank account. If you have to have something designer, consider going off-season in the sales, or searching the sales racks for something with that sought-after label.

Whatever tips you decide to follow, saving the pennies at this time of year is a must-do for a lot of families – and even if you don’t have a big family or you don’t celebrate Christmas, just think of how many hot chocolates and gingerbread lattes you could buy! Wrap up warm, and happy shopping!

How to save money on your winter wardrobe – words Al Woods



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