Don’t play by the rules – time to raid your boyfriend’s clothes

Don’t play by the rules – time to raid your boyfriend’s clothes  – words Hande Gungor

As someone in love with vintage fashion, I am obsessed with patterns. Anything from a subtle print to an outrageously colourful top or bottom, I want it. That’s why I knew I struck gold when I threw a look inside my boyfriend’s wardrobe for the first time.

I know it wasn’t fair really. He was asleep so he couldn’t protest against me stealing one of his shirts but I felt like a kid in a candy shop. My eyes lit up. It was naughty but I just couldn’t help it.

The fact that we had just started going out didn’t stop me either. And since then, honestly, I think I have acquired half of his wardrobe. He has given up now. He knows no matter what he says if I want to wear his stuff I’m going to wear his stuff.

I like big men’s jackets and shirts and being able to wear my boyfriend’s clothes is so much fun. I have to admit, I have become lazy lately in trying to find new vintage clothing myself as everything that I want to have is just minutes away from me hanging nice and neatly in his wardrobe.


Having a double wardrobe is the best; having a boyfriend who has not only got amazing taste but also a detailed eye in choosing the best vintage clothes is even better. I feel lucky and a bit spoilt at the same time; not only do I have my own wardrobe but I get to have my pick from his too.

I think it’s really cool to mix men’s and women’s wardrobes. Fashion is fun and playful and I love it. Why should we care what anybody else says what we should and shouldn’t wear? Not playing by the rules is delightful. We live in a time where fashion is fluid; you shouldn’t take it too seriously and just try to have fun with it. You should make it your own. And that’s exactly what style is; our own unique taste and take on what fashion means to us individually. It is the window to our personality. Style is hard to acquire and it’s something special.  It’s telling the whole world, “I don’t care, this is me and you deal with it.” Isn’t it cool wearing men’s shirts back to front, leaving them unbuttoned at the back or wearing men’s patterned loose trousers with crop tops, which by the way makes them fun and feminine at the same at the same time? Why try and match something when you could go wild? There is no right or wrong in fashion and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise; you should always go with your gut instinct and have a laugh with it. Of course style and taste are subjective but isn’t that what makes it so exciting?

If I can be productive enough and decide to leave my boyfriend’s wardrobe alone for a day or two, I can stop by one of the many amazing vintage shops in the centre of Manchester. One of my favourite places is the Thrift Shop just opposite Piccadilly bus station. It’s a haven with hundreds of items; I sometimes just don’t know where to start! With £10 for 3 items it doesn’t make a dent in my bank balance either. I have to be organized though and look through every single piece of clothing on the long rails as I don’t want to miss anything.

A few minutes away from there Cow Manchester is another great place to explore. Totally cool and full with quirky stuff, I love spending time here looking through everything. Another one of my favourites is Pop Boutique just across the road from Cow. I feel like I’m in a golden circle surrounded by all the exciting vintage shops, with the likes of Blue Rinse, Retro Rehab and Affleck’s Palace added to my list.

And when I’m on the hunt for some treasure, I don’t just look at the women’s section, I love browsing through men’s as well of course. I’m absolutely in love with my Mr Spock Star Trek sweatshirt which I found in Cow in the men’s department. Trust me, I’ve got so many men’s shirts, tees and jumpers myself, I almost feel bad for taking my boyfriend’s too. Almost though, not really. So, if you’re like me not afraid of mixing it up, don’t insist on playing by the rules. I definitely do not.

Don’t play by the rules – time to raid your boyfriend’s clothes for vintage glamour  – words Hande Gungor






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