Smart electronic gadgets to help train your dog

Smart electronic gadgets to help train your dog – words Al Woods

Dogs are a great addition to the family, whether it’s your first pup or you’re a seasoned dog owner.

However, it doesn’t matter if the dog is for yourself or as a gift for your kids, there’s a big job at hand when you bring a dog into your life. Training is an important and essential part of owning a dog, and something that you must do if you want to avoid your home being ripped to pieces!

There are many different ways to train a dog, and you may even wish to take them to dog behavior training classes. However, it’s fun to do it at home too and watch your pup grow into an obedient companion; and give yourself a sense of accomplishment!

Modern day technology makes dog training much more efficient, so if you’re hoping to invest in some gadgets to aid your efforts then you may be in luck. No matter what you’re hoping to teach your dog, there’s a gadget for it. These training tips for dogs shows you how to do it.

Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Ensuring sure your dog gets their exercise needs met can be difficult at the best of times. Dogs are energetic by nature and when their not mentally and physically stimulated then undesirable behaviors start appearing (think chewed shoes, couches, etc).

A recently new gadget in the pet world are electronic dog ball throwers. Otherwise known as automatic dog ball launchers these dog toys provide endless entertainment and exercise to ball enthusiast dogs, they drop the ball into the machine which then shoots it back out.

Check them out!

Anti-bark collars

If your dog barks excessively and unnecessarily, it can become a bit of a problem for both you and your neighbours; especially if you have young children. It’s hard to do the dog training basics unless your dog is relaxed and focussed. Dogs bark constantly for a number of reasons; mostly it’s because they are bored or wanting attention. Bear in mind that if your dog is barking due to stress or anxiety then you may need to follow a different approach.

To try and encourage your dog to bark less frequently, you can invest in an anti-bark training collar. They typically work by using a vibration sensor to recognise when the barking is a nuisance; after all, if your dog is barking because there’s an emergency, you don’t want to keep them quiet!

The collar will vibrate and then emit a small, harmless shock when your dog barks excessively. As you train your dog, he will eventually learn to avoid the shock and recognise the vibration first. Be sure to stock up on spare dog collar batteries!

Fence system

If you’re worried about your dog running off, either in your back garden or out on the field, you can invest in a special fence system that will train them to stay close and learn their boundaries. You can even use it to protect the flowerbeds in your garden too.

Training fences like this are usually constructed from a series of posts that you put in the ground, or underground wires. The corresponding training collar will alert your dog by a noise or a pulse when he’s near his boundary. This will eventually teach your pup which areas he should avoid!

Training from a distance

Once your dog is pretty well trained and you feel confident letting him go further afield, you can buy an adapted walkie talkie system that allows you to control your dog from a distance.

This means that even if your dog is 500 feet away, he’ll hear you. This can come in useful for sporting events or if you let your dog run wild in your nearest park. It also helps if your dog disappears from your sight momentarily; you can bring him back with one simple command down the walkie talkie!

Training mat

Just because you love your dog doesn’t mean you necessarily want them jumping all over your furniture. Many families don’t allow their pets on the sofa to protect the fabric and keep it in good condition; if this is the case for you, there’s a training aid for it.

A training mat can be placed in front of the sofa or other furniture to teach your dog to stay off it, without you even having to do anything. Paired with a special collar, it works in a similar way to the fence system; if your dog steps on the mat, the collar will emit a noise or shock stimulus to teach him.

Check this basic information about what is the recommended space between a dog’s collar and it’s neck.

Smart electronic gadgets to help train your dog – words Al Woods


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