Adding a personal touch to Christmas gifts

words Alexa Wang

Deciding on a Christmas gift for someone at this time of year can be a bit of a nightmare. Yes, you can try the random approach and just buy something that you think they might sort of like whilst browsing around your favourite shops. But will they actually want it?

We have numerous unwanted gifts hidden at the back of cupboards that we just never get around to using. I hate the idea of adding to someone else’s pile of unwanted gifts with yet another.

One of the best ways to get around this problem is to resort to sleuthing. We can quietly contact mum, dad, sibling or friend of the person you’re buying a present for to ask them what they would actually like rather than just guessing. This way we can buy a gift that’s personal to them.

Personalised Football Kit

Now this gift is sure to be a hit for a football crazy boy or girl or grown up for that matter. Yes, the kit of their favourite team will always go down well but emblazoning it with their name and favourite number adds the wow factor for your loved one this Christmas. Some kids opt for their favourite players but some just love seeing their own name proudly displayed in their team colours.

Framed Photographs

There is nothing quite so personal as a photograph. But how about getting that special photo printed, framed and presented? Again, a bit of sleuthing is what you need. Chat with friends and family of the recipient to find the right photograph and to get your hands on it. By using Adventa Acrylic Picture Frames, you can present the images in a beautiful glass block. Imagine their face as they open a quality picture containing that perfect memory in a unique photo form!

A spa day experience

Nobody likes to receive generic presents at Christmas. We might laugh about receiving socks, pans or plates but we all inwardly groan as we open the wrapping. So why not give an experience as a gift? If you know somebody who just loves luxuriating at the spa then why not give them a voucher for a spa day in a special place near to them. This could be for them and a friend, or even with you tagging along. That way you get a treat out of it too.

A good old-fashioned night out

If you know someone who doesn’t get out much and could really do with a night on the town then why don’t you arrange a night out? I know what it’s like when you have kids and suddenly it’s all about them, you can become a bit of a drudge with no time for yourself. Why not arrange a baby sitter, after speaking to partner of your friend of course, then arrange a night out that you know your friend will just adore? Maybe invite a group of friends that haven’t met up for a while. It’s about thinking about the person that little bit more, making that gift a bit more special and personal so that it will become a memory to treasure rather than something hidden at the back of a cupboard.


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