The best second-hand technology buys

The best second-hand technology buys – words Al Woods

Without a doubt, the biggest attraction for a great deal of people to the second-hand technology market is the dramatic difference in price compared to new products. Masses of people aim to sell their older equipment when they upgrade, so demand is helping to create the supply.

second-hand technology

Purchasing Options

There are two main options for purchasing used technology and there are lots of platforms that render it simple to buy online.

  • Direct buy. Purchase items direct from the previous user this can at times offer the best value for money.
  • Reseller. There are loads of companies purchasing technology such as a mobile phone that they will subsequently refurbish and sell on. This option is not always the cheapest in the short-term but may well be in the long-term since the refurbishment should deal with any major problems. There is often a warranty available with these products.

What sites offer the best buys?

There are far too numerous sites to fully list, however, the common and well-known are:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Facebook Market place

What are the best buys?

Countless second-hand items whether bought from a person or a reseller are perfectly adequate to accomplish the task in hand for many people the only difference is they are not a shiny new product out of the box.

  • Smartphone and mobile phone are one of the largest markets in second-hand technology and certainly provides several of the best buys. There are several reasons why people need a new handset. Drop a handset without insurance and brand new will cost a large amount of money. If you need a specific model such as an iPhone 8 Plus this is an excellent option. Plenty of young children now crave and have the latest smartphone. A beneficial buy for parents is a second-hand unit.
  • Computer technology has spread across various platforms from standalone to handheld devices and is also a large market. Whether updating or finding extra equipment for business or family use a used unit is always an excellent buy. Consider upgrades especially with tablets since as apps may no longer be compatible with the device which after a brief period could render the tablet unusable.
  • New gaming machines appear regularly and prove expensive to constantly update. For certain people, the choice of a second-hand unit is a conscious plan to enable the playing of up to date games without paying the premium price of a new console.
  • Another excellent buy is second-hand routers modems and lots of other peripheral computer equipment. All sorts of perfectly adequate equipment are always available at particularly competitive prices.
  • Camera technology has changed dramatically over the past few years but there are those, however that consider the results achieved from older style technology is far superior. Since much of this type of equipment is no longer available new an important level of second-hand trade has grown around this need.
second-hand technology


There are a few negative areas requiring consideration when buying online, however, by considering them it will help to ensure sure you achieve the best buy.


There are countless stories of people being persuaded to buy online due to a fantastic price, but they never actually receive the product or if they have ordered a specific item such as an iPhone 8 Plus, the item they receive is wrong. Demand will always encourage unscrupulous people who will attempt to gain benefit.


If an item is new it is under an existing warranty but is the warranty transferable? Depending on the cost difference with items this is not a consideration that is worth worrying about.

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