How to smoke on a gas grill?

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If you are looking to purchase a BBQ smoker to smoke tasty BBQ dishes, that is great! But you need to find out which kind of smoker will suit you the best before-hand!

We are providing you with a walk-through of step by step on how to use a gas grill. It is very important to be smart and choose the right equipment for your kitchen to satisfy your BBQ cravings. The reason is that you do not grill or smoke every day. Let’s be honest, it is not a daily task that everyone desires to do. It is done on special occasions and events, so why not make it more exclusive? 

How to smoke

What is a smoker and how does it operate?

A smoker is a piece of cooking appliance that is utilized to prepare foods at a very low temperature. This way the food stays tender, juicy, and fresh! Another unique feature about smokers is that they employ wood chip burning technology! This is very impactful in adding the famous smoky BBQ flavors in the foods.

There are several types of smokers in the market that use different types of fueling methods. Some methods are great for beginners who are trying BBQ at home for the first time. While others work amazing for those with some smoking experience! We are here to assist you to choose the right one for you!

smoke with gas

How many people do you wish to prepare BBQ for?

When looking to invest in the perfect BBQ smoker for yourself, the first thing to keep in mind is the number of people you yearn to prepare food for! It is a crucial step because once you have figured out how many people you want to cook for on a consecutive basis; you can determine the fuel type of your smoker more easily.

Fuel types of BBQ smokers:

There is a huge variety of BBQ smokers in the market in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They are enlisted:

  • Charcoal
  • Electric
  • Gas/Propane (Natural)
  • Pellets
  • Wood

We are going to reveal the top benefits of a natural gas propane BBQ smoker with you! As they are the most natural BBQ smokers! 

So stay tuned, check it out below, and read the lion grill review to see the BEST BBQ SMOKERS and Grills in town!

Do gas BBQ smokers only smoke meat?

No! Gas BBQ smokers can be used to smoke anything of your liking! Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-eater! Gas BBQ smokers care about all kinds of people with different types of lifestyles! You can either cold or hot smoke whatever you desire!

A gas smoker can prove to be the best friend of your patio and very reliable as well.

Now, you might or might not be wondering what the cold smoking technique is? 

Do not worry, we have got your covered!

What is the cold smoking method?

Cold smoking is a technique used in the culinary world, when you want to smoke some food but do not want to cook it! This method is used to give a specific smoky flavor to your food to make them even tastier!

With this method, you can smoke cheese, salt, and even cold salmon! 

All you require to do is to keep your gas smoker temperature as low as 75. While doing this you have to keep the smoke running to infuse all the smokiness into the food! Keep in mind that you are looking to smoke the food not cook it! Most people undertake this technique throughout the chilly months of the year.

Now, let’s talk about:

How to smoke on a gas smoker?

This process is also termed as hot smoking. In this method, you have to keep your gas BBQ smoker temperature between 180 degrees F to 270 degrees F. From this high temperature, you can access that you are not only smoking the food, but also cooking it at the same time! This temperature proves to be great for vegetables and meats.

Gas BBQ smokers are wholesome for any kind of food you want to give a smoky flavor to! You can be as creative as you want with your gas BBQ smoker!

What is best? Dry wood chips or soaked?

The best way is to soak the wood chips before using them for grilling. That is because when wood chips have been soaked in water before-hand, they last for longer. They create steam and then turn it to smoke making the duration of smoke creation more long-lasting!

Procedure of smoking on a gas smoker step by step:

You should make your smoking pouch before smoking on the gas smoker. You can do it by following these steps so check it out!

  • Aluminum Foil:

Get some aluminum foil and tear two big sized pieces of it from the roll. Make sure that the aluminum foil you are using is a heavy-duty one!

Now lay down the two aluminum foil pieces smooth on your cooking exterior area.

  • Making the Pouch for smoking:

In the center area of the aluminum foil surface, put down two cups filled with wood chips. Fold its sides and roll it down in such a way that you create an airtight pouch around the cup of wood chips with the aluminum foil. This way you get the perfect smoking wood chip pouch every time!

  • Make holes in the smoking pouch:

Now you have to poke some holes in the smoking pouch you made. This step will ensure that the heat from the light fire ignites the wood chips inside the pouch cup. It will create a beautiful smoke that will seep inside your food and flavor it deliciously!

  • Removing the grates:

Remove the grates of your gas BBQ smoker and put the smoking pouch you made directly on top of it! Yes! It may sound extra but you have to try it to experience the wholesome flavors it can give you!

  • The Cooking Process:

Put your food on the other end of the smoking pouch you made. Now monitor the temperature and make sure it is somewhere around 230 degrees F while cooking. After this, enjoy your delicious smoked BBQ meal!


Gas BBQ smokers are the most traditional and famous method used to smoke and flavor the foods. The wood chips add a lot of flavor and these gas smokers prove to be a great addition for your home patio!


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