7 Secret Tips to Plan a Perfect Outdoor Event

words Al Woods

It’s nearly impossible to get everything right for an outdoor event. Sometimes, it’s caterers or key participants such as a speaker or VIP guests that bail out at the last moment. And sometimes, it can be rain or strong winds that destroy your well-organized outdoor event. Though you have a little control over these things, there are always ways to ensure a successful outdoor event.

This article shares 7 useful tips you can follow to make an outdoor event a success.

Perfect Outdoor Event

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Set a Date

Firstly, it’s important to set a date for your outdoor event as this will give you a clear idea of what kind of arrangements you’ll need for the day or if you have to reschedule the event due to some unfavorable circumstances. There is a definite chance that the catering staff or your key participants are not available for the day, which will be difficult to manage at the last minute.

Music sets the tone for any event, and outdoor events are no exception. Whether you want a romantic atmosphere for a wedding or a lively party vibe, a party musician can provide the perfect soundtrack to match your desired ambiance.

Make a Master Plan

This master plan should cover all aspects of your outdoor event, such as:

  • Venue (date, timings, permits)
  • Catering and serving staff(name and phone number, no. of staff, in line with budget, availability, etc.)
  • Event activities or entertainment
  • Publicity or promotion (type of promotion like social media, TV, newsletter, etc.)
  • Sponsors or partners in the management and volunteers (if any)
  • Allocation of the different responsibilities to your team members, such as catering, venue, transportation, entertainment, promotion, invitations, and more

Create a budget

This is an essential part of executing your master plan. You have to allocate a reasonable budget for all different aspects of your master plan for the event. It’s also important to distribute all the hidden costs in the program, like accommodation or travel costs for the VIP guests. In addition to this, keep some extra cash for any mishap and further costs that may occur before or after the outdoor function.

Hire a Reliable Caterer

Hiring a caterer may seem basic when planning an outdoor event, but it can either be stressful if the food is not good or not sufficient. You may end up with a list of complaints regarding horrible serving service or bland food.

So make sure to hire an experienced and reliable catererto offer a wonderful experience for your attendees on the day of the event. Ask for recommendations in your circle. Or search for one online. For instance, if you’re planning to organize an outdoor event in Palm Springs, then simply Google “best caterer in Palm Springs,” and Google will offer you a list of local caterers. Explore a few of them and check online reviews from their past customers to make a wise decision.

Look Up Permits and Curfew

Another thing that you don’t want to gamble on is whether you are allowed to host a certain outdoor event at a certain time and place. To be certain, research whether you require a permit to organize such an event and get one as soon as possible if required.

Second, you have to inquire whether your decided venue has some curfew time. That might be the case because venues close to residential areas tend to have a curfew time to avoid troubling the residents. And if that’s the case, set a buffer time for your attendees in the invitation accordingly to make sure that you complete the agenda for the outdoor function on time.

Have a “Plan B”

You may wonder if having a B plan would increase the budget of your outdoor event. It may do, but it’s wise to increase your program’s budget than have an event where everybody is drenched in rainwater or scorched in heat.

A better idea for lowering the budget for your plan B venue is to look for a location that has both outdoor and indoor venues. For instance, a location with an outdoor venue, an auditorium, and a chalet. In case of a sudden downpour, you can use the indoor space to host the remaining outdoor event.

Have Portable Toilets and Hydration Spots

It is a must to have washrooms or portable toilets for an outdoor event, no matter it’s a wedding, music festival, or sports event. And if you’re hosting an outdoor event on a hot day, then make sure to have water bottles handed at several hydration spots throughout the event. To minimize the usage of single-use plastic bottles, you can consider water refill spots instead of hydration spots.


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