5 Tips on How to Write a Resume for Photographers

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Resume Photographers

When you prepare a resume, make sure it caters to the position you’re applying for. If you’re a photographer and working within the visual art industry, you need more to your resume than just written words. You also need to add evidence of your ability in the profession.

The samples you include should demonstrate your skill and style as an artist. This allows prospective employers to assess your skill and abilities before meeting you. Your photographer’s resume must be convincing enough to whet the reader’s appetite like other resumes. In writing a photographer’s resume, here are five tips you should follow:

Write your profile

This part of your resume includes your name, contact, email address and location. According to some writers, you don’t have to include all this information on the first page. Also, because many employers don’t treat resumes as confidential, you don’t have to include your exact address.  

You can add your detailed profile on the second page of your resume, but the most important details in your profile are your telephone number and email address. Ensure these two details are accurate and valid because it’s how the potential employer will reach out to you if they decide to employ you. Make sure your email address is official and reflects your name.

Include your education and work experience

To write the education section, mention the institutions you’ve studied, the qualification or degree you obtained, and the length or duration of the studies. For instance, 

Brookings University,

Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography, (2011 – 2014).

In doing this, ensure you write your qualifications from the most recent one to the oldest one. 

To write your work experience section, mention the employer’s or company’s need, your position, and how long you were in that position. For instance, 

Daily Globe,

Senior Photographer, 2015 – date

Again, make sure you start from the most recent work experience or position you held recently and work back to the oldest one. For each position you held, list about 4 points that detail your work responsibilities. However, since the most recent position you held is the most relevant to the one you’re applying for, make sure you’re more detailed about it. 

Sell yourself

Resume Photographers tips

Your photographer’s resume should be about selling yourself to prospective employers. So, write about the recognition and rewards you’ve received in your profession. Mention the awards and the time you won them. Endeavor to add the image to your resume or add a hyperlink to the image. If there are several awards, it’s ideal for including the most relevant ones to the role you’re seeking or add the most recent ones. Include this in a different section of its own, such as ‘Awards and Honors.’

Talk about your skills and strengths.

This section in your resume that you should write specifically for the post you’re applying for. Make sure you’re not using a generic one for all job applications. If you have six job applications, you should create six different skills and strengths sections based on what each job application requires. Consider the requirement for each job. Write about your skills and personal traits that could make you a necessary asset to the organization. Make sure these skills are highlighted in a bullet point list and keep them short and relevant. Writing it in a block of text makes it easier for the reader to lose the point and stop concentrating. 

Include your work sample

This may be tricky, but you must be selective about the samples you add. Make sure you don’t pick out only a few of your works and use them for every job application. No matter how good your resume is, if your samples are not relevant to the job application, it can count against you. To make your resume look more professional and make sure the photos are not distorted, convert PNG files to PDF format so that your whole CV is in PDF. Adding an irrelevant sample can put the prospective employers off. This is why it’s important to add relevant and specific samples for each resume submission. 

Experts once debated whether the samples should be interspersed between different sections of the written resume or included last. However, writers at different resume services believe that including the samples in-between sections can distract the audience. So, there’s a general acceptance that your photography resume’s written and visual sections should be separate. 

Also, you need to be considerate about the number of images you’re submitting. If you add too many images, you can appear over-confident, and if you add too few images, you can appear under-experienced. 


In writing your resume, make sure you tailor it to the job or specific role you’re applying to. Save your resume in PDF format to have a soft copy or hard copy. Ensure that your hyperlinks are correct. Make sure you’re concise in the way you use words with punchy sentences and verbs to make an impact. Lastly, sell yourself as much as possible, but make sure you’re honest and have facts to back your claims. 


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