Top Tips for Buying a New Summer Handbag

words Alexa Wang

As the weather warms up, many of us clear out our closets and look forward to going on a shopping spree to invest in some new season pieces. Before you blow all your budget on clothing, though, remember that you may want to update your handbag, too.

After all, when we wear lighter and often more colorful clothing in the summer months, we need bags that suit these shades.

If your trusty black handbag from winter has had its day and you need something in a lighter hue to get you through the coming months, it’s time to shop for a fab new bag. Read on for some key factors to consider as you browse and buy.

New Summer Handbag

Choose Appropriate Colors

Summer is a great time to invest in a handbag in light to medium shades. Neutral colors, in particular, can be a good option for your summer bag. You could buy one in off-white, gray, taupe, light brown, etc. Choose this kind of shade, and you’re more likely to be able to use the bag year-round or at least for three out of the four seasons.

However, you might prefer to opt for something more fun and colorful. You could purchase a product made in muted sorbet shades like light apple green or fresh lemon, for instance, as well as lilac or soft pink. Or, perhaps you’d prefer a handbag that makes more of a statement thanks to bolder, brighter colors. Consider a dark green, deep rose pink, rich red, or earthy mustard, among other hues.

If you want a bag that works for balmy summer nights out and about, you might find that a clutch with a metallic silver or off-white silk or satin finish works well, too. Other options include snakeskin prints, florals, and even black and white striped bags or those with other strong patterns.

Consider Your Budget and Approximate Cost Per Wear

Once you have an idea of the shades of bag you’re interested in, decide how much you can afford and want to spend on your purchase. Keep budget top of mind as you shop, so you don’t invest too much money in a new item because you get carried away looking at all the beautiful options in stores or online.

It pays, too, to think about what the approximate cost per wear will work out to for various handbags. This consideration is particularly vital if you’re keen to invest in a well-known brand-name product or some other type of limited edition or handmade good that requires a significant monetary commitment.

For example, you’ll get more wear out of a large tote bag that fits everything you need for a day at work and beyond than you will out of a small wristlet option that you only use on an occasional night out. Think about how many times you might feasibly use a bag, and then divide the price by this number to get an idea of cost per wear. This strategy can help you see if the investment will likely be worth it.

summer Handbags

Test Out Different Sizes

Size is another crucial element in picking the perfect bag. Choose a product in a size appropriate for your body scale. For instance, if you’re petite, it’s best to avoid anything oversized that will overpower your frame. You don’t want a bag to go past the bottom of your hip, either, regardless of your height or build, plus you want to select an option with a strap that suits your needs. You don’t want your armpit to feel strangled if the strap is too short. Many bags have adjustable shoulder straps, though, which is helpful.

Also, consider what’s practical based on what you typically carry in a handbag. Do you want something big enough to fit a tablet or a book in, if you often work on the commute each day? Or do you want a bag compact enough that you’ll have to keep the contents pared-back and thus avoid getting a sore neck, shoulder, and back from carrying too much weight?

Get Clear on What Features You Need

Understand which features you want in a handbag before searching for a new one, too. For instance, you might be interested in a product with plenty of internal pockets to store different things, such as those in the quality Consuela handbag creations. On the other hand, you might be interested in buying a bag with multi-function straps to wear it crossbody or over your shoulder. You may want a lightweight or reversible bag, one featuring an in-built key chain, or other features.

Other factors to think about include durability and material choice, sustainability, formality, where and how items are made, and the types of reviews and testimonials different brands and products receive.

Consider multiple elements during your shopping expedition rather than purely focusing on what appeals to you, looks-wise. You’ll be much more likely to end up with a bag you love now and in the future.


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