3+ tips on choosing the best wedding band

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Most people tend to place a lot of emphasis on picking out the perfect engagement ring for when they finally decide to pop the question to their significant other. However, they don’t place much thought into picking out their wedding band (which we think is just as important as an engagement ring – after all, it’s the one you’re going to be wearing all the time).

Choosing an engagement ring is important (obviously), but it’s important not to underestimate your wedding band choice. This is the ring that you and your partner will wear for the rest of your lives, and it should be a physical representation of your commitment to each other (and how much love you have for one another).

If you have a tough time picking out your engagement ring, don’t worry, we’ve created this blog specifically to help you narrow down your wedding band choices to a few (excellent) designs. We also go into detail about some of the more popular wedding band styles currently being purchased in the jewelry industry (from retailers).

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Different Styles of Wedding Rings

There are a few different styles of wedding bands that you can go with; matching pairs, woman-only (i.e. a special ring just for her), etc. Which type of wedding band style you choose to purchase should probably be decided between both partners (not just one or the other, which would be a one-sided decision).

For example, let’s say you want your wife to have her own unique wedding band, and for her engagement ring, you purchased her a gold and yellow diamond ring. If you wanted to be a good partner, you would make sure that the gemstones in the engagement ring and the wedding band match (or at least go well together).

So in the case of this example, you would do best to buy a yellow diamonds wedding band (so that it would match her engagement ring). You shouldn’t purchase a ring that’s the exact opposite of her engagement ring (e.g. a black diamond wedding band). The two should be the same style, and ideally, contain the same color gemstone(s).

Matching Wedding Bands for Couples

One of the most popular wedding band styles features two matching rings for the bride and groom. Usually, these styles don’t feature many embellishments, or much (if any) gemstones.

For example, a common choice (that’s been popular for numerous decades or even centuries at this point) are two simple yellow gold bands (with no gemstones or embellishments – save for maybe an inscription on the inside of the band).

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Tips for Choosing an Optimal Wedding Band

There are a few tips that one should keep in mind during their search for the perfect wedding band. Most of all, you need to be practical about it. Nobody wants to wear a ring that’s uncomfortable, bulky, or generally just poorly designed (for everyday wear, that is).

Another very important tip is to get the sizing right. Remember, this is going to be a ring that’s supposed to be worn every single day, which means that you should probably go for a size that’s not too tight on your finger (or your partner’s finger).

While getting a ring resized is a relatively simple process (and not that expensive, either), that’s probably not the best way to start off a marriage.

Besides the obvious stuff about getting the fit right, choosing a comfortable design, etc., you also need to consider whether or not you know exactly which style/type of ring you want. There are many ways to go; plain, embellished, gemstone, no gemstones, etc.

Ideally, you should know which type of metal you want (e.g. rose gold, white gold, platinum, etc.) and also know whether or not you want the design to include gemstones.

If you do want gemstones, do you know which type? What about what cut? What color? These are all very important details that need to be considered before you even step foot into a jewelry store.

Know What You Want and Keep It Practical

Ultimately, choosing a wedding band comes down to knowing exactly what you (and your partner) want to buy. If you want something simple, go with a classic plain gold band. If you want something more elaborate, consider adding some gemstones into the mix. Also, it’s equally important to keep a budget in mind. Don’t go overboard on a ring that you can barely afford and end up making a purchase that you might come to regret later.


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