9 Valuable Skills You Can Learn at Home

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Learn at Home

The COVID19 pandemic made various changes in society. People started to work from home. There is also a schedule for going to the grocery store. Furthermore, some students are studying from home.

Most families also decided to homeschool their kids, which means that they will have less time to study and learn. It is because kids have different attention span and processing. Therefore, through homeschooling, they can even learn more. If you are a parent homeschooling his or her kid, a high school or college student who is spending most of their time at home, the following are nine valuable skills you can learn at home and teach your kids or younger siblings. 

1. English 

English is a universal language that everyone has to learn. It is the medium of communication used in different places around the world among diverse nationalities. Therefore, learning to read and write in English is essential. Hence, even if teachers teach it at school, you must practice English at home. You can do it through reading aloud English storybooks of your choice, watching dramas and movies with an English subtitle, listening to English music, and more. If you can master English, your confidence in the future will never fade because you can communicate. 

2. Financial Literacy

Learning to manage finances is a crucial and valuable skill. Therefore, the essence of saving, budgeting, and investing is of great importance. It will determine how a person’s lifestyle will be. Therefore, if you are spending most of your free time at home, learn the art of managing your finances. It is your key to live a debt-free retirement. It will also teach you how to prepare for emergencies like accidents, hospitalizations, and disasters. Those are just some of the positive effects of learning to manage your finances. If you want to know more, start spending your free time at home productively. 

3. First Aid

Not being able to save or treat your loved one from a medical emergency due to your lack of knowledge in first aid is an awful experience. Therefore, through online programs and training, you can access online, you will be able to learn various first aid skills. If you are a parent, you can still learn in the comfort of your home. Learning first aid skills can save someone from the verge of dying when medical assistance won’t be available on time. Therefore, even kids should learn simple first aid skills. It will also teach them awareness and quick reaction time.

4. Cooking

Cooking is one of the most valuable skills everyone should learn, which is very much available at home. Cooking saves money and time. If you know how to cook, you can cook different dishes that you like. Ordering food won’t be an option as well, which is a practical way of saving money. Also, if you know how to cook, you do not need to eat unhealthily. It is because you will not settle for instant foods in your daily life just like some college student who doesn’t know anything about the kitchen.

5. Office program

Office programs will forever be a part of society as technology advances. Therefore, learning the basics of it is not enough. Many available features will make your life easier. Some of it is, you can just say the words you wish to type in the word document. Also, you don’t need to carry around your USB with you to access your file because you can just save it in google docs. It can be easily accessible on any computer. Hence, if you spend most of your work with the use of word documents, PowerPoint, and excel even if you’re at home, it is time for you to discover the advanced features it offers. It will definitely make your life easier.

6. Digital Editing 

Are you looking for work that you can do while you are at home? Digital editing is one of the answers. You can do it at home and also learn it at home. Digital editing can be poster making, video editing, photo editing, and everything about editing. If you want to gain another skill and earn from it, digital editing is for you. Since almost everything is online now, thousands of businesses are online and they need people who are skillful in digital editing for their advertisements and websites.

7. Photography & Videography

Do you love taking pictures and videos of stuff you do? Also, do you want to inspire people? If yes, you can start your own page, vlog, and YouTube channel. To make your content more interesting, you can start learning photography and videography. It is a valuable skill that you need, which is accessible online. There are various courses you can choose from. Just type it in the search panel of google.

8. Dancing

Do you have low self-esteem because of your posture, which limits you to work at your best? Through learning to dance, you can fix your posture and even enhance your self-esteem. Dancing is a valuable skill that you can learn at home. It helps everyone who has a problem with their body like weight and posture. Moreover, dancing has beneficial and positive effects on the brain through boosting memory, and overall health by preventing osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

9. Arts

Do you love drawing, painting, sculpting, or other artistic skills? If you do, it will be great if you start pursuing your passion and start learning and studying how you can enhance your skills. Through the use of your gadgets, you can watch various tips, techniques, and lessons from artists who will help you become a professional artist. By simply committing yourself to learn even when you’re home, you can follow your heart and do what it desires as your passion and profession.

home learning

Are you stuck at home and you have nothing to do? Through the following, you can develop valuable skills that can be helpful for your life. Who would have thought that by watching dramas or movies with subtitles, you are already developing your language skills? The following only shows that you can have multiple skills that you can learn at home, all you only need is commitment and dedication. 


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