What equipment you will need to make and repair your own clothes

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make own clothes tips

Making and repairing your own clothes can require an arsenal of items that you will need to have on hand. Many people think that you’re ready to go with just a sewing machine and some thread, but it’s a little more complex than that. If you’re wondering what you should have on hand prior to doing a little tailoring, we have compiled a collection for you.

Suitable Sewing Machine

Before you start making and repairing your own clothes, you’re going to want to obtain a sewing machine. Sewing machines can vary wildly in price, and you’re going to have to do some homework before you find one that works for you. If you’re looking to do a lot of sewing very quickly you might want to look into heavy duty options. Alternatively there are sewing machines that you can hold in your hand easily. These might make it a bit easier if you’re getting a sore back from leaning over a sewing machine. There are plenty of options, so find one that appeals to the type and amount of work that you want to do.

The Accessories

There are more accessories than you’d think you need to accomplish a little sewing. You are going to have spare sewing machines needles. This is because you might break the needle if you’re going over too many layers, or accidentally go over a pin. If you are sewing in the evening and you can’t go get more needles this can put a damper in your plans. You’ll also want to pick up measuring tape. The ruler on the sides of the sewing machine can be helpful, but they’re not as ergonomic as an actual role of measuring tape, or they won’t work for lengthy items.

Along with this you will want to have tailor’s chalk or fabric marking writers that easily wash off and give you a frame of reference when working on clothing. Obviously you’re going to need to pick up some thread and you can get this from a variety of department stores. Buy a ton of pins because you will be going through these matching seams and your notches. There are magnetic pin dishes that will keep the pins around one area so you’re not dropping them all over the place. As you can, the accessories you’ll need almost outweigh the sewing machine itself.

Cutting Boards

If you’re tailoring and repairing your own clothes you’re going to need a cutting board in order to edit the material. A sewing cutting board is not the kind of cutting board you’ll see in the kitchen, for one it’s much larger and generally has markings on it for measurement. If you don’t have a room designated for sewing and tailoring, a cutting board can help you work on any surface. They do come in cardboard or plastic varieties, but personally I think the plastic is better because it holds up against scissors and pins.

An Iron And Board

make and repair your own clothes

People who don’t know about sewing don’t often associate irons and ironing boards with the process, but they can help. An iron will pressure seams to open, as well as hems. Most irons come with a streaming option, and you should have one so you can set your seams. After you are done moving your clothes and setting them, you may notice creases, and an iron is going to help you work those out so they’re ready to wear immediately. It’s really an invaluable asset. 

A Good Attitude

A good attitude is the most important tool you can have in your arsenal prior to working on your clothes. It is easy to become frustrated when you’re sewing, and make a few mistakes, thankfully most of them are easy to repair. Prior to making any cuts, sew the piece and try the item on (that’s one mistake that you’re going to have trouble fixing). When you have a good mindset going into a project, you’re far more likely to produce the kind of work you want to.

If you’re going to grab all of these items at your local department store, you may want to make a list before you go. There’s no way you’re going to remember everything off hand and you’ll probably end up forgetting one or two items. Many of these are easily accessible online and you can order them altogether. You’ll also find reviews on various products by purchasing them online. Once you get you assemble all of your equipment, you’ll be ready to work on your clothes!


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