Standing out from the crowd: fashion

Standing out from the crowd: fashion – words Alexa Wang

There are many occasions when we aim to fit in. However, lots of us are seeking ways to stand out from the crowd when it comes to the fashion we choose to wear. It can take many years to find a style we feel comfortable portraying.

However, for some people, they can adapt from one style to another in a matter of minutes. It’s all about having the confidence to be proud to be wearing what you like, be it a garment you’ve bought in a charity shop or from a designer boutique.

Try things out

Seeking advice from a personal shopper in a department store is probably the last piece of advice you need, unless you’d like to look like everybody else. Grab a friend and head to your local high street, which is lined with charity shops. It’s a great way of trying fashion out on a budget. Grab as many items as you like and try them on. Your friend will give instant reactions, letting you know what others will think if you turn up to a party wearing pink gingham flares, for example. You may like an item, but be unsure. Many people do that with full priced clothing, where they will stay in the wardrobe with labels fully intact until you decide to try out the Marie Kondo approach. With heavily discounted garments, largely second hand, you can buy them and try them out without worrying about the significant costs involved. If you decide they’re not for you, return to the charity shop. Not for a refund, but to do your bit. If you’re feeling brave, consider setting an Instagram account up for your fashion finds and flops. Ask people for their honest opinions on your outfit choices and use these to help you decide what your favoured style actually is. Personal attacks can easily be avoided if you depersonalise the account by not including your real name or any headshots.


We can feel restricted about the choices we have when we work in an office. Formal suits, for both men and women, are go to options. Women tend to have a wider choice of accessories than men though, with items to go in their hair, jewellery, bags, belts and shoes with the shock factor. Consider an outrageous tie – it would certainly work as a talking point. Alternatively, how about some personalised socks from


You may like the fabric of an item of clothing, but be unsure about the neckline. Why not have a go at upcycling? If the item has been sitting in your wardrobe for a while, unworn for several months, what is there to lose? The local haberdashery may be able to offer advice as well as a vast array of quirky things to add. So, get the fabric scissors, needle and cotton out and blend two items together. Perhaps you could try adding a Peter Pan collar instead of the boring round neck. YouTube and Pinterest are excellent places to find tutorials on how to do this kind of thing. They will rapidly become your best friends if you are keen to save money and the environment by repurposing garments instead of opting for fast fashion.  


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