See how tech and education are going to the next level

words Alexa Wang

Every day we make it a point to educate the adults of tomorrow. The study of worldly subjects helps in creating well-rounded students who will thrive after graduation. Since the advancement of education is so important, technology is being used in every possible way to take it to the next level.

Personalized Learning

No two students learn in exactly the same way. Technology has become an important part of tailoring each student’s education to their particular skill and mindset.

In select U.S. classrooms, math education software is being used to allow each student to learn at their own pace. It prevents slowing down the faster students or rushing the students who need some extra time. This type of software often serves as a substitute for the more traditional textbooks. These programs have also be elevated to the point of helping students get ready for things like if the MCAT change and how to prep for other examination.

Students are also now exposed to innovative tech projects at an early age, thanks to STEM electronic project kits available. As early as the age of seven, kids can start learning engineering, physics, coding, and even circuitry, which are practices that can help them find a job in the future. These kits are beginner-friendly, exposing kids to real-world problems to prepare them early on.  

Technology Augments Teachers

While technology may be slowly replacing textbooks, it will never replace teachers. Instead, it is being used to augment their lessons in the classroom. This affords teachers the freedom they need to do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

Teachers will play a significant part in shaping the technology of the future. As they rely on it more and more in the classrooms, they are coming up with new ways in which it can help them help their students.

Artificial Intelligence and Tutoring

Tutoring has long been an important aspect of education. One-on-one time between a teacher and a struggling student can and does make a noticeable difference. This time will be enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a teaching tool.

One such AI system is already being used in classrooms. The system can act as a teacher for students who need individualized help. The monitoring of student progress has been made much easier using this technology. The system allows for personalized tests and assessments for each student. Studies have already shown that these systems are helping students score higher on tests.

Streamlining Teacher’s Tasks

It’s not just students that technology is helping. These days, it can act as a teacher’s assistant to handle miscellaneous tasks. Teachers have a lot to do in the classroom and delegating those tasks to a computer frees them up to assist their students. Machines can be used in classrooms to do everything from taking attendance to grading standardized tests.

The Value Of Technology In Education

Incorporating technology into the classroom is still a work in progress. At some schools a framework is being used called SAMR, which stands for substition, augmentation, modification, redefinition.)

However, there are some that feel this framework is flawed. They questions it value as an effective teaching tool. The accepted norm is that in order to be useful in the classroom, an SAMR must meet certain criteria. They include

  • whether or not students get something out of it on an intellectual level
  • is critical thinking encouraged
  • can students share and receive feedback from it
  • was there a better example that could have been used to get the intended point across

Many will argue that if these criteria are not met, technology is not being properly used as a teaching tool. This is something that the educational community is still debating amongst itself. By integrating technology, the ultimate goal is to advance education to a new level.


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